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How to grow garlic?

The well-known garlic to all of us is a vegetatively propagating perennial bulbous plant, which has been cultivated in Russia since ancient times. Even the ancient Slavs and Scythians used it not only for food, but also for medicinal purposes, and there is a documented evidence for this - Herodot himself mentions this in his History.

Each gardener is trying to make sure that there is a place in his plot for several beds of garlic, which will always be used in the house. All pickles and marinades, cutlets and sausages, homemade adzhiki, ketchups and sauces are simply impossible to cook without garlic - in a word, you can't do without it at the farm! But, unfortunately, not every beginning gardener can immediately get a good harvest of garlic. In order that all efforts are not in vain, before embarking on planting, read the advice of experienced gardeners, telling how to grow garlic according to the rules of agronomic science, and then the results of your labors will pleasantly surprise you.

Types and forms of cultivated garlic

All sown garlic is of two types - arrowhead and non-arrow. In addition, in agronomy, it is customary to subdivide it into winter and spring. Such a division is very conditional, since the same varieties can be successfully grown in spring and winter crops, it all depends on the time of planting. Unshaken garlic forms multiply in teeth - daughter bulbs that have one bottom and are covered with common maternal scales. Shooting forms in addition to the already mentioned chubs can also be propagated by the air bulb that is on the arrow. The bulbs are sown in the soil and in the first year they get a crop of a seed plant, small single-toothed onions, from which next year it will be possible to grow the usual multi-toothed garlic bulbs.

How to grow good garlic

Under the garlic, select a plot with highly fertile soil. It is desirable that before it grow zucchini, cucumbers or cabbage - they are the best predecessors for planting garlic. Starting in the fall, add mineral and organic fertilizers to the future beds on the basis of: half a bucket of compost and 30 grams of superphosphate per square meter.Dig the site thoroughly and deeply in order to distribute the fertilizers evenly. Before planting garlic in the spring, you will only need to loosen the prepared area, mark the beds and make them a little higher.

Spring garlic is less productive, but it is better preserved, tastier and more fragrant than winter. Planted it as soon as possible, barely snow melts and thaws out the soil. The distance between the beds should be 20-25 centimeters, the distance between individual plants in a row - about 5 centimeters, planting depth - from 2 to 4 centimeters. Before planting, divide the bulbs into teeth, sort the small and damaged ones. To speed up their germination, it will be useful to pre-soak the teeth in water or a ten percent solution of slurry for one day.

Winter garlic is more precocious, its bulbs and teeth are much larger than those of spring. It is planted in late September or early October in almost the same way as spring, it is possible to increase the distance between plants and the depth of planting only by one or two centimeters. Then the beds mulch with humus at the rate of one and a half - two buckets per square meter of soil.

How to grow large garlic

  • Raking off the ground from the base of the plants in spring garlic, carried out in late June or early July, contributes to the formation of larger bulbs.
  • Top dressing with a solution of chicken manure (one part per ten parts of water) produced in the germination phase of the seedlings and during the formation of the bulbs will also be useful for the formation of larger heads of garlic.
  • In winter garlic, it is necessary to regularly remove flower arrows as they form, then garlic bulbs will be even and large.
  • Do not be late with the cleaning and perederzhivat garlic in the garden. As soon as the lower leaves of the plants begin to turn yellow in numbers, it is time to harvest.

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