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How to grow hair in a month?

Hair is an ornament of a woman that is given to her by nature. However, boasting beautiful curls, not every woman of the fair sex can. Sometimes the hair does not grow as fast as we would like in reality. It does not matter, let's consider how to grow hair for a month, using various means and learning how to properly care for them. You will need:

  • castor or burdock oil;
  • vitamin complex;
  • hair care cosmetics;
  • for the mask: honey, sea salt, burdock oil, kefir, brandy and onion juice;
  • also for the mask: kefir, dry mustard and two yolks.

Now consider the basic rules of hair care that you need to follow during the month.


  1. Considering the question of how to grow hair for a month, first of all you need to deal with the cosmetic products that you use. Shampoos and balms, must necessarily match the type of your hair, contributing to their accelerated growth.Styling products must have protective and nourishing components included in their composition. Also, you need to minimize the use of tools for hot styling, such as ironing, hair dryer and curling.
  2. A good stimulator for hair growth is a head massage. You can perform this procedure both independently and with a specialist. Massage is best performed using moisturizing and nourishing products, on a natural basis. Home massage can be performed with a natural bristle comb for half an hour a day. The direction of movements, when combing, should be in different directions. Also an excellent tool to help solve the problem of how to grow hair for a month, is mesotherapy, which is carried out in beauty salons.
  3. Regular intake of vitamin preparations will allow your hair to stay healthy and strong. Growth accelerators are: preparations containing magnesium, calcium, vitamins of group E, B and A, as well as copper and zinc. You also need to balance your own food, trying to eat healthy foods such as carrots, citrus fruits, nuts, beans, peas, rice, pepper, egg yolk, sauerkraut, fish, etc.
  4. Regular use of both castor and burdock oil, perfectly helps to strengthen and accelerate hair growth, due to the rich content of nutrients and nutrients. Oil should be used 1-2 times a week, and then thoroughly wash the hair several times. This tool also perfectly eliminates dandruff, strengthening the bulbs in a natural way. Those with oily hair are recommended juniper oil, which effectively dries hair roots, being a good growth accelerator.
  5. To speed up the solution of the problem, how to grow hair in a month, a nourishing mask will help, consisting of both healthy and natural products. To do this, you will need one tablespoon to mix the following ingredients: burdock oil, kefir, brandy, sea salt and honey. Mix thoroughly until the salt is completely dissolved and add two tablespoons of tablespoons, previously squeezed onion juice. The resulting mixture should be applied over the entire length of the hair. Cover the head with a towel or cellophane and leave for 1 hour. After, rinse the hair thoroughly and allow it to dry naturally.
  6. Let's look at another mask, which is an excellent folk remedy that contributes to intensive nourishing and enhancing hair growth.It is recommended to do it once a week, and then rinse with shampoo. We take a tablespoon of mustard, a glass of kefir and two yolks, mix well to obtain a homogeneous mass, and then apply to the scalp with light massage movements. We first cover with cellophane and over a warm scarf or towel and leave for an hour. Before rinsing, it is worth massaging the scalp with your hands for 5-8 minutes after which you should wash off the mask.

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