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How to grow peppers quickly

A good harvest of pepper is necessary for any gardener, and the maximum yield can be obtained thanks to early shoots. Pepper is a heat-loving culture, so the growth rate is mainly determined by the climatic features of the region. However, to achieve accelerated growth of seedlings, it is possible to meet certain growing conditions. The earlier the seedlings are taken in the open ground, the faster it will bear fruit and allow you to harvest more yield per season.

Seed treatment before planting

To quickly grow peppers, you must use the seeds of last year’s harvest, because aging for more than a year worsens pepper shoots. Seeds should be planted in boxes with chernozem in late February. To implement this technique you will need:
  • - dried pepper seeds;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - a few leaves of nettle (you can dried);
  • - chopped wood ash;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - polyethylene and a box for seedlings.
Before landing it is necessary to makedisinfection and provide the missing nutrients. To do this, the seeds are wrapped in gauze and immersed for 20 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate. This will save shoots from various diseases and fungus. To obtain a solution, 5 g of potassium permanganate should be dissolved in 500 ml of water.
How to grow peppers quickly
It is also necessary to provide seeds with growth stimulants. In the role of an effective stimulant acts nettle infusion. For this, a table spoon of nettle is brewed in a glass. After cooling to room temperature, dry seeds are dried in gauze for 30 minutes in an infusion.
How fast to grow pepper
Then you can start planting the treated seeds. To do this, in the chernozem box, make furrows with an interval of several centimeters. Seeds are laid out in the furrow and topped with a few centimeters of soil. Now the sowing needs watering and supply with nutrients. These procedures can be combined, which will make the rapid cultivation of pepper even more intense. To prepare a nutritious solution, 20 grams of chopped wood ash is soaked for 5 hours in a liter of warm water.It is necessary to do this in advance so that immediately after planting, water the seeds with a solution.
How to quickly grow peppers
Woody ash contains up to 30 nutrients necessary for the rapid growth of pepper. Seeds are kept warm (about 25 degrees Celsius) until sprouts appear.
How fast to grow pepper

Special conditions for rapid growth

Thanks to this technique, the seeds of pepper sprout in two weeks. After sprouting, young shoots need ultraviolet light and additional heat for growth intensity. This will require an ultraviolet lamp, which can be purchased at a specialty store.
How to quickly grow peppers
It will serve as a sprout for pepper sprout at night. On a sunny day, you can put young seedlings on the window sill, but you should make sure that the cold air does not flow from the window. In cloudy weather, it is necessary to leave seedlings under the lamp around the clock. The ultraviolet lamp, depending on the power, is installed at a certain distance from the shoots.This should be done so that it provides the necessary heat, but does not burn the shoots. For a standard 60 W lamp, the distance from the shoots should be about 25 cm.
How fast to grow pepper
After the appearance of four or five leaves, you should make a dive. In this case, each germ of pepper is transplanted separately, after which the boxes with the spiked seedlings are placed in the greenhouse under polyethylene. Diving is necessary to strengthen the root system, which will ensure the rapid cultivation of pepper and large fruits. Freely planted shoots are strengthened faster, and their intensive growth occurs.
How to grow peppers quickly

Transplanting into a greenhouse and hardening seedlings

After a couple of weeks, you can transplant the sprouts from the boxes into the greenhouse soil. Periodically should be hardening young seedlings. To do this, in warm weather, polyethylene is opened daily for 15 minutes. A few days later, the greenhouse opens for 30 minutes and an hour. Next, the quenching is produced within half a day. With cloudy and warm weather, the seedlings can be left in the air all day.The optimal temperature for pepper is 22 - 25 degrees Celsius.
How to quickly grow peppers
This should not forget about regular watering, which should be done as the soil dries. Approximately, watering is necessary every three days. After a month of regular hardening, peppers can be left open around the clock, if the nights are warm and there are no frosts. Thus, at the age of 60 days, grown pepper seedlings are planted in open ground already in early May.
How to quickly grow peppers
Thanks to this method, you can quickly grow peppers of any variety, as well as to achieve maximum yield per season. It should be remembered that the pepper is susceptible to cooling, demanding to heat, as well as responsive to frequent watering at the stage of seedlings and ripening. You can not plant hot pepper varieties next to sweet, because pollination does not allow to achieve the desired result.

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