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How to grow persimmon?

Persimmon - a very popular fruit that can be purchased in the autumn-winter period. However, not everyone has enough time to eat this tasty and useful delicacy. However, you can try to grow persimmon at home, and then you can enjoy it much longer.

How to grow persimmon at home?

Persimmon - a plant quite capricious, but if you follow the rules of care, you can collect a good harvest every year.

Bone treatment

To obtain a viable seed, it is recommended to choose ripened fruits, in which the skin should be intact. Frozen fruit should immediately fold back, as the bone in this case does not germinate.

Planting bones

Plant a bone in two ways. In the first method, it is necessary to soak the bone in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After 3 days, it must be removed from the solution and wrapped in wet gauze, which is placed in polyethylene and left in a cold place, the temperature of which should be about +5 degrees. There she must lie 1.5 months.After this time, the bone gets and is ground with sandpaper on the top and sides. Then it lies edge-on in the ground, and 1.5 cm of soil is poured on top.

The second method is simpler. It is necessary to wash and dry one or several fresh persimmon seeds, and then bury them in a pot to a depth of 2 cm. After that, the pot is covered with a plastic bag and left in a warm place until the first shoots appear.

Persimmon soil

In order for a persimmon to grow healthy, you need to plant it in a fertile soil. The ideal option for this plant is considered to be a mixture of humus with sod land. In addition, the soil is recommended to fertilize. For this purpose you can use:

  • bone meal;
  • charcoal;
  • river sand.

The bottom of the pot must be covered with a layer of expanded clay.

Persimmon care during early growth

Before planting, cellophane plants need to be cleaned from time to time for a few hours, watering the soil if it is dry. When a sprout appears, replace the film with glass and place the plant in a warm place. It happens that at the end of the germ remains a bone, it must be carefully cut with scissors. The plant must be transplanted into larger pots as it grows. Also, it should be regularly watered and fed with mineral fertilizers.

Seasonal care

To grow a persimmon from a stone is half the battle, you also need to properly care for the tree so that it does not die. It is important to know that the time of year dictates its own rules for the care of persimmon.

In summer, the plant should be outdoors. This may be a veranda, garden, balcony. But persimmon must be taught to the sun. First, it is recommended to take out the tree for several hours, gradually increasing the time spent in the fresh air. Do not allow direct sun on the leaves, otherwise they will get burned.

In autumn, the tree should be placed in a room where it is necessary to maintain a temperature of + 10 degrees. It is also recommended to pour wet sawdust into the pot, which should be sprayed from time to time.

In winter, the persimmon falls asleep, but this does not mean that it does not need to be taken care of. Water the tree should be at room temperature, it is also recommended to spray the leaves. You should not water the persimmon too plentifully, as the roots of the plant may rot.

In spring, you can begin feeding persimmon with mineral and organic fertilizers. In March, it is permitted to transfer the plant and place it in a well-lit place.

During the growth of persimmon, it is necessary to form its crown, so the shoots should be cut in time. It is not worth waiting for a quick harvest from a plant planted from a stone. It will give the first flowers only in 3 years, and fruits only in 6 years.


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