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How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill

With the onset of the spring-summer season, many leave the stuffy city apartments and go to the cottages, where, in peace and quiet, you can engage in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, growing flowers.


Gardening and horticulture can not only bring peace and calm the nerves, but also give a wonderful harvest, it’s so nice to open a jar of cucumbers or tomatoes with your own hands in the winter.


Those who have not got a summer house should not be upset either, because you can turn your own balcony into a mini garden, and our article will tell you how to grow tomatoes on the windowsill.


The best varieties of tomatoes for growing at home


Before you start planting, you need to seriously think about what kind of tomato will feel comfortable in a small indoor area, will not require too painstaking care and will give an excellent harvest. Experienced gardeners are advised to purchase seedlings of dwarf varieties,These include such species as: The Balcony Miracle (the name speaks for itself), Florida Petit, Oak, and Minibel.


The height of the bush for all these varieties does not exceed 30 cm, but the fruits are large, bright with a rich taste. If you can not get a harvest, it is better to choose early varieties such as Balcony miracle and Florida Petit. The latter matures in a hundred days after disembarkation. Tomatoes variety Minibel ripen in clusters, so in addition to the delicious bright pink tomatoes, you will receive a beautiful ornamental plant.


Owners of large balconies can also purchase larger varieties with large fruits, but it is worth remembering that more land is needed to grow Bull's Heart and Carlson.


How to plant tomatoes on the windowsill


After you have chosen and purchased a suitable variety, it is necessary to sow dry or pre-germinated seeds. As pots, you can use plastic dishes (cups, glasses, small deep plates). It is worth remembering that dry seeds are planted in several pieces in one pot, germinated seeds - one by one.

How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill


The temperature should be around 25 º, watering should begin after the appearance of sprouts and do it daily. Transplant seedlings are only when it is strong enough, that is, about a month after emergence.The height of the plant is 11-12 cm.


Growing tomatoes on the windowsill


In order to get a good harvest, you must carefully prepare a place for planting seedlings and soil. Tubs are better to choose fairly voluminous: for low-growing varieties of at least 4 liters, and 8-12 liters for high ones.


Prerequisite is the presence of drainage holes. The next stage is the preparation of quality soil, it will include several layers.


At the very bottom of the pot there is a two-centimeter layer of drainage, then comes the soil, which includes turf, sand, humus and peat in equal parts. The land of the seedlings is transported with the plant, which helps the seedling to adapt faster. A few days later, tomatoes can be put on the window sill.


It is important to create comfortable conditions for their growth: the temperature should be 28 º during the day and 15 º at night, plenty of light, regular watering and fertilizing will help the bushes to grow beautiful and healthy, and the crop to ripen faster. Do not forget about staving, that is, the removal of lateral shoots. They need to break off their hands, and not cut.


If you are a beginner gardener, then purchase varieties that do not require staking, for example, Minibel. The more often you will take tomatoes, the more the harvest will be, the fruit may mature in the box in the kitchen.


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