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How to handle the navel of a newborn?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
August 1, 2012
How to handle the navel of a newborn?

After the baby is born, the doctors cut the umbilical cord that binds it and the mother during the prenatal development of the baby. Of course, it is very important in the first days to properly care for the umbilical wound so that infection does not occur. Many mothers have a question, how to handle the navel of a newborn?

As soon as the umbilical cord is cut, its residual part is clamped with a clothespin. And after a few days, or maybe right in the hospital, the rest of the umbilical cord dries out and falls off with the clothespin. The umbilical wound must be processed, in the hospital they are shown and told how to do it. But if suddenly this did not happen, and you do not know what to do, in this article we will describe how to properly handle the umbilical wound.

By the time when the mother and the child are returning home from the hospital, the umbilical wound has not yet fully healed and there is a bloody crust in its center. This area also needs to be greased.To process the baby's navel, you need hydrogen peroxide, a solution of brilliant green alcohol ("green paint") or a chlorofilipt alcohol solution. Some use a solution of fucorzine (a drug with an antiseptic and antifungal effect of a bright crimson color). The umbilical wound is processed twice a day: during the baby’s morning toilet and after evening bathing.

The frequency of processing the navel of the newborn and the desired solution will appoint a doctor who will come to the newborn during the first month. As a rule, the wound heals at 10-12 day. If two weeks after birth, the crust does not disappear or a swelling, redness or discharge appears in the umbilical wound area, you should definitely consult a doctor.


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