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How to help yourself make decisions

Listen to the inner voice

Often people do not pay attention to their feelings, and act solely for rational reasons. Cold calculation will not help when choosing a life partner, sooner or later you want a sincere relationship and true love. If you choose a profession, following the fashion, it is difficult to achieve high results and it is impossible to get pleasure from unloved work. When you feel discomfort and doubts - it is the soul that tells you that it is “against!” Learn to make decisions based on personal intuition and trust your feelings. A feeling of joy, lightness and inspiration are the best signs that the right path has been chosen.

Weigh the pros and cons

In controversial issues, it is best to write down the pros and cons on paper. It is important to be extremely honest with yourself and make sure that the arguments are not repeated. Then see which arguments are more - positive or negative, analyze which evidence is more weighty.

Listen to expert opinion

If you are unable to make a decision yourself, contact the help of professionals. No need to rely on the reasoning of friends: ordinary people often advised to act in their own way, or, on the contrary, they would not have acted "for anything". Someone from the banal situation is ready to make a scandal and will be determined to bring the matter to court, and it is easier for someone to draw conclusions for themselves and forget about the unpleasant incident. Trust controversial issues to experienced professionals. If you have personal problems, then discuss them with a psychologist. You will be sure that frankness will not get you "sideways" and get help in making your own decision, and not someone else's recommendation for action.


When the case is “not glued” and the search for the right ways does not lead to the desired result, postpone the solution to this problem. “Release the situation” and do something else. After a while, there may be a way out by itself, or the question will not seem so dramatic.

When the decision is made, take action.

If at the stage of finding the right path, doubts are permissible, then after the final verdict, it is necessary to get down to business.There are people who like the very process of generating ideas, but in practice they never implement them. They suddenly have other worries, anxieties, but in reality - a lot of problems accumulate. Do not get stuck in the excessive analysis, but simply implement the intended.

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