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How to improve metabolism?

For many centuries, people have been paying special attention to our metabolism. After all, how it works depends on how many nutrients our body receives. The basis of metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that occur inside us. Useful substances necessary for human life, we get from food. And breathing in the air, we get oxygen, which helps the internal processes of decay and construction. Ideally, a balance should be observed between these processes. However, sometimes there is a violation and a lot of reasons. Let's figure out how to improve metabolism. We will see a balanced view of food, sports, the ability to relax.

Regulate metabolism with food moderation

Many people are constantly striving to lose weight in order to wear smaller sizes. They go on about fashionable diets. Take diet pills, which only temporarily dull the appetite. But quickly the body gets used to them, and as a result, the appetite returns, the metabolism slows down, and the person gains weight again.Moreover, there are side effects - dizzy, pressure rises, indigestion and others are noticed. The same thing happens when taking diuretics, which speeds up the metabolism. Not always and not all this is useful. How to improve metabolism after its violation?

If a balanced, balanced diet, the metabolism is settled and fullness will go away by itself. You can consistently limit yourself to the amount of fat and refined products, such as sugar, salt and white flour. And increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, lettuce, whole grains. Drink as much water as possible. This will help you restore water balance in the body.

Eat often, but a little bit. Use the principle of one glass. What went into the glass, so much and you can eat. Our stomach is like our fist. Squeeze your hand into a fist and put it on a plate - that's how much food you need to consume. Frequent meals and in small quantities, help to maintain a stable metabolism. And after taking a large portion, a person feels tired, sleepy, because our brain did not receive glucose. Do not overload yourself, do not transgress the permissible limits!

Moderate exercise

How many have not said, but it is very important to play sports. Want to feel good and look better, regularly, but rather exercise in fitness. Moderate exercise several times a week will produce results. Light walk, healthy complexion, straight posture, a smile on the face - these are symptoms of a good metabolism. After all, everything inside you is always clearly visible on the surface.

Do not forget about heredity, age, and other factors that are worth considering before loading yourself with exercise. Sometimes it is fast enough to walk or climb stairs.

Those who want to speed up the metabolism, can play sports, building muscle mass and eat food that is high in protein. This will speed up the metabolism by 30%.

Diseases violate the metabolism

Sometimes it is not clear why, someone is losing weight sharply, and someone is gaining weight. The most common cause is disruption of the human endocrine system. Someone notices an increase in thyroid gland. And for someone it is a pain. But this small gland, weighing 30 grams, is responsible for the production, accumulation and entry into the blood of biologically active substances - hormones.These hormones regulate the body's metabolism, such as in a car, the gas pedal regulates the speed with which you have to go. In violation of the functions of the glands, and metabolism is violated. Therefore, during a visit to the doctor, take a test for hormones to determine the problem as soon as possible.

Winter time warning

It is good to walk in the open air, but hypothermia is dangerous. Most often you can get it in the winter, windy weather, if you are on the street for a long time. And elderly people and toddlers are susceptible to hypothermia, as often the metabolism cannot compensate for the loss of heat. Therefore, do not freeze on the street! If you are wet, cold, tired, want to eat - this may be the cause of hypothermia. You urgently need to go into the house, warm up, put on dry warm clothes, drink hot herbal tea and, if necessary, seek medical help.

So, restore, improve the metabolism of a competent system and without consequences!


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