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How to increase the breast without surgery?

Many women dream of a magnificent breast. Some people think that plastic surgery is the only way to solve the problem, but it is not. In order to increase the breast, make it elastic and taut in our time, there are many ways that do not require plastics and other surgical intervention.

Gels and creams

Gels and creams designed for breast augmentation contain the hormone phytoestrogen. Thanks to the hormone, metabolic processes in the female body are accelerated, increased blood flow, and the size of the pectoral muscles becomes larger. In order for maximum effect to be achieved, creams and gels should be used regularly for a long time.

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage is the most popular way to increase breast size without the use of pills. It lies in the fact that special vacuum banks, which have a certain pressure, are superimposed on the chest, due to the pressure exerted on the mammary glands, the blood flow increases.It is recommended to repeat this procedure every month, otherwise the effect will not last long. Vacuum massage service is available in almost every beauty salon. For better results, take care of your diet. In the diet should include legumes (peas, beans, soybeans) and cereals.


In many countries, special bras are gaining their popularity, which have the ability to lift the chest and increase its size. The secret of such bras in a vacuum exposure. Bra should be worn for 11 hours every day. Most women prefer to wear this bra at night, but to achieve the best result, you can, while in an upright position.


For breast augmentation, there are special exercises. Such exercises include push-ups from the floor, firm pressure on each other’s palms at chest level, exercises with dumbbells or on certain exercise machines. By strengthening the pectoral muscles, you can contribute to an increase in the volume of the chest. In addition, use exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back.


Massage is one of the most effective ways to increase tissue. For massage it is recommended to use lotion. Massage will increase blood circulation, and this will contribute to the growth of the breast, as well as its elasticity. It is necessary to massage the chest with both hands in circular directions, starting from its upper part, and ending with the axilla.

Hormonal drugs

Taking female hormones can trigger breast growth. But remember, this is not a safe way. In addition to the effect on breast growth, hormones have an effect on the growth rate of malignant and benign tumor cells. Therefore, before you begin to use hormones, be examined by a doctor.


In our time, the method of auto-suggestion is becoming very popular. This method allows you to control the body at our request. But the effectiveness of auto-training is a big question. If you are not a burned skeptic, try this method. Lying down before bed, relax. Imagine how your body begins to fill with a stream of heat from the very tips of your arms and legs. Heat should move to your chest, gradually filling your body with nutrition and oxygen.Breast size will begin to increase due to the growth of new cells. Some say that this method of auto-suggestion works.

A special role in breast augmentation is played by the age of the woman. Adult women are much harder to influence the size of their breasts than girls who are in puberty.


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