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How to increase the room?

We spend a lot of time in our house, and even if you are a business person, you come to your house with the hope of rest. Therefore, performing repairs in a small apartment, you must do everything possible to maximize the space of the room. How to increase the room if it should perform the functions of several rooms, but at the same time, remain attractive, spacious and comfortable? This question can be solved in several ways, some of which are the so-called "design tricks", and some - physical methods of solving the problem.

Physical room magnification methods

Before you visually enlarge a room, pay attention to its shape - most rooms are made either in the shape of a rectangle or in the shape of a square. If the room is square, then its space will seem much smaller than that of the room, which is made in a rectangular shape. And this is taking into account the fact that the area of the rooms will be absolutely identical. Reconsider the design of the room, as well as the furniture that is present in it.In some rooms, builders have provided built-in wardrobes, which are located immediately at the entrance, cluttering it. If you have such a case, remove such cabinets, replacing them with low and compact furniture, and your room will immediately take on a completely different look.

The space of a room in a one-room apartment can be increased if you make a studio apartment, that is, combine room, kitchen, and, if possible, a corridor into a single space. Such apartments seem to be much larger in area than those with a separate kitchen and room. In small rooms it is not recommended to use traditional doors in doorways. They can be replaced either with arched structures, or install sliding doors. The ideal option would be sliding doors with mirrored paintings, but they are usually made to order.

Visual methods for increasing space

If you are faced with a question about how to visually enlarge a room, reconsider the lighting in your house, perhaps it is the huge chandelier hanging in the center of the room that makes its space smaller. For smaller rooms, experts recommend using local ceiling lights located on both sides of the room.

Visual enhancement of the room will contribute to the beige color range that prevails in both the walls and the floor. Preferring wallpaper not monophonic texture, but with a pattern, choose those on which the picture is placed in vertical stripes, which will increase the visual distance from the ceiling to the floor, or small floral or abstract drawing. In no case do not buy wallpaper with a large floral pattern, because such finishing, on the contrary, visually reduces the room. Thus, you already know which wallpapers increase the room, and which, on the contrary, reduce the space of the room.

Above, we mentioned doors with mirror canvases, but mirrors in any interpretation visually enlarge the room. Therefore, they can be hung on the wall or you can perform one of the walls in a small room completely mirrored. Modern manufacturers of mirror products offer a lot of options for all kinds of mirrors. They can be used on the door of wardrobes, which are ideal for small rooms, because their sliding doors do not clutter the room.

Sliding wardrobes can be installed both in hallways and in small corridors, in children's rooms and bedrooms.Even in the living room, if it is used not only as a room for receiving guests, but also as a bedroom for one of the family members, the wardrobes with mirrored doors look amazing.

Answering the question of how to increase a small room, we should not forget about upholstered furniture. If the bedroom is small, then the big bed in it will be extra - it is better to limit yourself to a bed of medium size. Get a dresser for a bedroom or living room, replacing them with a traditional wardrobe. Do not use a lot of decor and interior decorations in small rooms - one picture on the wall will be enough to decorate the room and not reduce the room visually.

If you still could not solve the issue of visual or physical expansion of a small bedroom or children's room, invite a professional designer. It will help to eliminate this problem by developing an individual project for the interior of your room, taking into account all the disadvantages and advantages.


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