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How to increase the speaker volume on the android?

Finally, you became the owner of the desired tablet or phone, running on the operating system Android. And everything would be fine, only in some models the built-in speaker or stereo system has a slightly muffled sound. In no case should you be upset and think that you have purchased a defective device. In this publication, you will learn about several real ways to increase the volume on the android.

How to increase the sound on the android using programs?

Few people know that to qualitatively increase the volume of the dynamics of smartphones or tablets it is not necessary to contact repair centers and give a lot of money for it. After all, a considerable number of special programs aimed at high-quality sound amplification have been developed. Using these utilities will allow you to increase the volume of your device by 20%, while the speaker will not "squeak" and make strange noises.

The most popular programs intended for this purpose are "Volume +" (the utility is available to devices under the version of Android 2.3 or higher), "AudioManager PRO" (version 2.0 and higher). If you want to increase the bass frequencies, then the Android-Bass Volume buster is suitable.

After downloading and installing the program, it is recommended that the phone be turned off and on again. Sound settings of the device itself should be at the maximum. By the way, you should not be surprised that after installation you will significantly increase the energy consumption of the battery - this is quite normal.

How to increase the speaker volume on the android through the engineering settings?

Unfortunately, this method has its drawbacks. Firstly, it is not available for all smartphones, as well as tablets that do not have the function of making calls (dialing is not available). The second drawback is the deterioration in the sound quality of the speaker. So be prepared for the fact that when you play a melody or a movie, you'll get unpleasant noises and creaks.

If your tablet or phone supports changing settings through the engineering menu, and you are not afraid to degrade the sound quality, you need to familiarize yourself with simple instructions.

To enter the engineering menu, you need to open the dialing menu on your device and enter the combination * # * # 3646633 # * # *. After that, go to the “Audio” section, select “Normal Mode” from the list and click on “Type = Sph”. At this stage, you will see a list of levels, changing their value from zero to six (Level 0 - Level 6). To save the entered settings, select the "Set" button for each level. After completion of the operation, the device must be restarted, otherwise its operation will experience malfunctions and inhibition.

Increase the volume on the android can be quickly and easily, and, most importantly, for free. But if after these manipulations the volume remains at the same level or becomes worse, this is a clear sign that the smartphone or tablet needs to be diagnosed.


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