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How to increase the TIC?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
August 14, 2012
How to increase the TIC?

The site TIC is a citation index that determines how often other resources refer to materials on this site. Moreover, it takes into account not only the number of citations, but also the credibility of those resources that have placed links.

The question "how to increase the TIC" most often worries the owners of sites in the Yandex catalog, this is one of the main parameters determining the position of a resource in a certain category. The TIC does not depend on the result of issuing a site in search engines, but the TIC value is very important for those who plan to make money by selling links. Well, and naturally, the citation of the site, that is, an increase in the number of external links, one way or another contributes to its natural advancement in the TOP of search results.

How to increase the site TIC

  • You can increase the number of external links to your site in many different ways. The easiest of them is to register a resource in various thematic catalogs. There are open directories for which you do not need to pay for registration, this option is most interesting for those who are interested in how to increase the TIC for free.For those who are willing to invest money in their website, registration in closed, that is, paid catalogs is more suitable, it is inexpensive, and the return is good. Careful manual registration in catalogs can increase the citation index by 20-50 units, depending on the thematic focus of the resource.
  • You can place thematic articles on special resources, in each of these articles you can put a link to your site three times.
  • Another way is a bulletin board. Usually you can post information on them for two weeks, then you need to update the message. In this way TIC usually rises from 20 to 40.
  • On specialized portals where they discuss methods of website promotion, including questions about how to increase TIC, you can often see tips to post a link to your resource in various blogs or forums. But in this case, the TIC rises slowly enough; Yandex does not always consider such resources authoritative.
  • A good increase in TIC gives exchange links, and especially thematic articles with reference to the site. This method can increase the citation index to 200. There are special portals on the network where owners of Internet resources can exchange articles with links.
  • And the best and most reliable way to improve the site TIC, is to improve the quality of content. Write yourself or buy interesting, relevant and unique articles, post them on your resource, and do not forget to leave links to your site on blogs and forums so that people can find the source of interesting information. This method is time consuming and not too fast, but the TIC will grow steadily, and the credibility and traffic of your website will steadily increase.

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