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How to install a door closer?

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How to install a door closer?

Door Closer - a special device that allows you to automatically close open doors. Using a door closer reduces wear on both door hinges and other door hardware. In the article we will tell how to install the closer.

Installation of the closer

In order to install the closer and fixings, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Mark the holes for fastening all the necessary fixtures (according to a previously prepared template).
  2. Drill the mounting holes.
  3. Fix and adjust parts.

Rod selection

Before you install the door closer, it is recommended to choose a suitable rod. It should be noted that they are of different types.

Types of rods:

  • telescopic. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of twoClosermoving parts.
    When installing a telescopic rod, special attention should be paid to fasteners (screws). If the mount is weakened, then the bar can change its position.
  • screw.Their regulation is carried out due to the twisting length of one of the details of the design. This model is considered to be of higher quality and more popular than telescopic variants, since it guarantees a good fixation of the position of the rod.

Rod mount

After the bar is selected, you can proceed to its fixation. There are several ways to mount the rod:

  • It can be connected to the door frame. Thus, the closer is attached to the door by means of a bar. In this situation, the closer is mounted outside. As for the door, it will openCloserinside.
  • You can use the classic method of installation - at the expense of four high-quality screws the bar is fixed to the top of the door. At the same time the closer joins a door box. In this situation, it is important to strictly consider the landing dimensions, paying attention to the installation diagram.

In the future, you need to correctly select the length of the rod and adjust the appropriate force. In most cases, the ideal value is written in the instructions.

An interesting solution is considered hidden installation closer. It allows you to install the door closer at the door itself.However, it must be massive to fit the door closer in it. This method is ideal if the doors are installed in the apartment.

Closer Installation Requirements

To properly install the door closer, remember the following requirements:

  1. The bar and the closer must be securely fastened to each other. If they are badly fixed, then the door will be bad to open and close.
  2. The closer must be installed according to a strictly established sample, which is in the instructions to the closer. There should not be even the slightest deviations.
  3. After installation, you need to double-check the performanceCloserfixtures. Pay attention to the fact that the door should not jam, should move freely on the hinges. Cover the door and see if it gives back. A similar situation is sometimes observed if the loops are skewed due to errors made during installation.
  4. It is also necessary to adjust the “effort” with which the door will close and open. Much will depend on what kind of door is used. If it is small and light, then an insignificant effort will be sufficient for the normal functioning of the mechanism. If you have a large and heavy door, then the effort must be increased.
  5. All connecting elements should be lubricated with engine oil.

Tips for non-standard situations

If the doorway is low and there is not enough space even to fasten the details of the closer, then the installation procedure can be significantly difficult. In this situation, the mounting is carried out on the side of the door due to the increase in the length of the mounting rod. This option is quite complicated and can cause a lot of problems for inexperienced masters. Therefore, it is recommended to watch the tutorial video on how to install the door closer.

If you follow these simple rules, then you should have no problems with how to properly install the door closer.


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