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How to install the front door with your own hands

You will need
  • - tape measure;
  • - meter level;
  • - drill with switching to impact mode;
  • - pobedit drills;
  • - long screws for cement;
  • - expansion dowels;
  • - wooden wedges;
  • - paper tape;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - finishing nails.
First you need to assemble the door frame. It is necessary to assemble the box in such a way that 1 centimeter of gap remains in the opening. The dimensions of the box should also create a gap of 4-5mm between the box and the door. It is better to connect the box parts to screws without dowels.
Insert the box into the door opening, controlling the position using a level. Take particular care with the side where you plan to install the loops. With a level, check the alignment of the installation both vertically and horizontally. Using wedges, fix the box in the opening, starting from the top.
Next, you need to drill in the side beams of three holes, reaching a wall with a drill.Remove the box from the opening, find the marks left by the drill. Having switched the drill to impact mode, drill the long holes at the marked points. Insert the dowels into the holes. Put the box in place by fitting the holes to the dowels. Lock the box in place with long screws.
To set the hinges mark on the door leaf 20 cm from the bottom and from the top.. Attaching a loop, mark the position of the element. Marking the place of the hinges on the box, remember to have a gap of 5 mm between the box and the door. With the help of a chisel or a milling cutter, choose in the box recesses equal in thickness to the hinges. in the door, install the door lock at a height of about 100 cm from the floor.
After hinging the door on the hinges, you must check the tightness of the closure. Pasting paper tape around the perimeter of the perimeter, fill the gaps between the box and the wall with foam. In a day, when the foam hardens, its remains can be cut off with a regular knife.
The last stage sets the rims. They will give the door a finished look and hide all seams and gaps. Fix the trim on the usual finish nails that do not have caps.

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