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How to invite a guy to meet?

Daria Shpolyanskaya
Daria Shpolyanskaya
January 23, 2013
How to invite a guy to meet?

Every girl has a situation in her life in which she finds herself in the unenviable position of a lover. Relationships at first sight are not always mutual, sometimes it happens that one saw and felt, and the other still needs to be informed.

If you are in such a situation and do not know how to suggest a guy to meet, even if you like him very much, do not be sad, after reading everything to the end, you can determine:

  • Do you like this guy for real
  • Is it worth it to start a relationship with him?

How to start a relationship, or how to hint a guy that he is not indifferent to you

To begin with, when a girl invites a guy to meet, she must be sure that he is worthy to open his heart to him. So, how to understand this.

First, evaluate the environment and interests of the object of your interest. To do this, it is advisable for you to get into his company and begin to be interested in everything that he is interested in.

Having penetrated into the sphere of his interests, find points of contact.For example: if he is interested in football, offer to go to a match, or if he is a fan of Tolkienist games, find an interesting attribute and share your joy with him.

Try to communicate with the guy as much as possible, then you have a chance to win it before you decide to make him an offer. And if you have already entered his circle, you need to figure out how to make the guy offer to meet himself. Then, in general, all your questions and problems will disappear by themselves.

You can evaluate its dignity and character with the help of simple tricks and a pair of girlfriends. It is worth seeing how he generally communicates with the girls and try to find out how he will react to what the girl offers to meet the guy. Ask a friend to let them play around with him, and see how he behaves. If he leads on everyone - this guy is not worth the attention at all.

Further, if the guy is not familiar to you at all, then the task is much more complicated. Since you know neither his interests nor his merits. In this case, you can figure out how to invite a guy to meet, only by getting acquainted with his company.

Of course, it would be best to try to figure out how to make the guy suggest dating. Several options are possible:

Start the game of cat - mouse, then letting go, then, alienating the guy from himself. Men are hunters and what is not available is most desired.

Become a friend to him and at a party or graduation confess your feelings to him, but don’t offer to continue. Let him feel guilty before you, then most likely he will offer to meet

Or just be yourself - sincerity will conquer any lion heart.

So you shouldn’t always strive for what you don’t have, maybe that’s what you don’t need at all.


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