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How to maintain the house clean and tidy?

Your home is a place where you want to live well, relax, feel in love and security. In creating a cozy home atmosphere, the cleanliness of the home is very important. Room cleaning is not always easy. So that it does not become for you a boring, long and boring event, we suggest to study several useful recommendations. We will show you how to keep your home clean and tidy easily and without problems.

Choosing "helpers"

It is difficult to imagine cleaning without good brooms, mops and cleaning products. On the website "Modern Economics" you can examine in detail the disinfectants for home in the presented review. Also here you can get a lot of great tips on specific issues. For example, how to clean an acrylic bath is best.

What and when is better to clean?

In general, all home cleaning can be divided into three types: everyday, weekly and general. Performing them in due time, you will live in cleanliness and comfort every day.

Daily cleaning

This is a quick tidying up of the house, which takes just a few minutes. It includes procedures for cleaning up natural disorder during the day. The main rule: take away a little mess right away.

  • Return items to their designated places.
  • Make the bed.
  • Wash dishes immediately during cooking or after meals, do not save in the sink.
  • Noticed the dirty carpet - take a couple of minutes and vacuum it.
  • Take a damp cloth over horizontal surfaces and remove dust.
  • Dirt on the floor is better to sweep immediately, and then wipe with a mop.

Such a simple and quick cleaning will help keep the home tidy during the week. Most of these procedures take place “between times” and take very little time. In general, your daily cleaning will take from 20 minutes to an hour a day, and the house will be clean and beautiful all week.

Weekly cleaning

This is a Saturday classic in Russia. Once a week, housewives sweep and clean floors, clean carpets, wash clothes, wipe dust from all surfaces, clean the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, as well as perform other minor work on the situation. And it is such a cleaning for many that causes melancholy: boring, long, long.If you are not a fan of cleaning and want to quickly restore order, without sacrificing time and quality, we recommend the following:

  • Discard one big cleaning once a week.Instead, divide your home into comfort zones for cleanliness throughout the week, or combine household chores into convenient groups. For example, on Tuesday you wash the kitchen, on Wednesday you clean the carpets, upholstered furniture and wipe the dust, on Thursday you bring chic and shine to the bathroom. At first it seems unusual and long, but the benefits of this tangible. A day will take 15-30 minutes for one big deal, and this time can be entered at any time convenient for you. For example, it can be a ritual after coming home from work, so that “the head is rested”, or cleaning of commercial breaks between favorite TV shows.
  • Delegate household responsibilities to the family.Everything is littering, but taking one away is not fair. Ask your household for help, especially since it is for everyone’s good. If everyone does their job, in less than an hour the house will shine clean. And children from their first nails will get used to homework.
  • Make cleaning an interesting and relaxing experience.Aromatherapy, a good film, energetic music, etc. will help in this. Under your favorite compositions, you can clean floors very quickly, and a light movie will not let you get bored of defrosting the refrigerator and washing dishes.
  • Redo your home.A lot of furniture, things in sight, shelves, etc. - a lot of cleaning. You will wash the dust from all overhangs. The solution is to switch to a comfortable, modern, cute minimalism. Get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary, start a beautiful wardrobe in which everything fits, choose a simple and functional furniture.


In order for the house to shine, shine and breathe cleanliness, every six months he needs general cleaning. In addition to the basic procedures, additional ones are included: sorting things out for old and unnecessary things, washing the furniture inside, washing windows, cleaning the ceilings and walls, knocking out mattresses and pillows, etc. A good time for general cleaning is spring (renewal time) and autumn ( preparation for wintering). Plan a list of necessary cases in advance so as not to forget about anything. If there is a lot of work, ask your loved ones to help you - together faster and more fun.

Such cleaning happens only twice a year, so it is worth doing it carefully, without losing sight of the little things.Remember that cleanliness in the house is very important for the health of those living in it.

How less to clean up and live in a clean house

  • Discard everything superfluous: furniture, dusty carpets, old and unnecessary clothes, lots of objects in sight, etc.
  • Teach yourself to put objects in place, wash dishes immediately after eating, immediately send dirty clothes to the laundry basket, sweep and wipe the dirt in the corridor immediately after coming from the street.
  • Properly store things, arrange, structure. Use compartment cabinets, boxes, cabinets with drawers, dividers, convenient hooks, magnets and fixers - there are plenty of ideas. It is convenient, things are not lost and do not deteriorate.
  • Get at home modern appliances for cleanliness and comfort: an air purifier, the latest model vacuum cleaner, a powerful dishwasher, a functional and fast washing machine, a no frost refrigerator.

So you can turn your home into a cozy nest, without spending a lot of time and nerves. Take care of the cleanliness of your home, and you will be pleased to live in it!


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