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How to knit booties?

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How to knit booties?

Booties - a small element of children's clothing. When knitting bootees you can experiment with patterns, styles, etc. After the birth of the child, the question of his first shoe immediately appears, and here begins the training (or recall) of how to knit booties.

Knitting bootees is a very simple and exciting business, because every mother wants her baby to have a bunch of different beautiful shoes. There are two ways to knit booties: crochet and knitting (below will be described in detail about each method + photos).

There are many educational videos, schemes, books that can show in the smallest detail how to learn to knit booties.

Crochet booties

How to crochet booties? Unlike the other method, which involves many options, only two parts stand out when crocheting a product: the sole and the top of the booties.

Below will be described the options and schemes in order to understand how to crochet booties.

Crochet soles:


The place to start knitting is indicated on the diagram by a red arrow (15 air loops and one to lift a row).The length of the chain should be no more than from the base of the fingers and approximately to the mid-heel of the baby. The next step is semi-columns (tight enough binding, which is ideal for the sole) and columns (without nakida or single crochet). The columns, which have one nakid, are drawn on the diagram by a fan, two columns start to knit from one loop. The last row of the sole should be tied with a semi-column (there should be about 60) because of the density of the mating.

Another way to tie the sole is simpler, this can be done with double crochets. The diagram below shows how in places where the sole is rounded, 7 crochets are knitted with one air loop.


The most interesting and exciting part is knitting the upper part. Here is the diagram:


This diagram shows how to tie the top of the bootie, starting from the ankle and ending at the base of the sole (at the end, the top is sewn or tied to the sole), the beginning of knitting is marked with a red arrow. Used single crochet. At the end of the knitting, the same 60 columns are made (the perimeter of the blue sole in the picture above).

Then the booties are tied with a border (columns with one crochet and air loop, in the diagram it is all shown in light blue color).

There are many such schemes on how to knit booties, another version of bootees will be shown for crochet.


The diagram shows the front part of the booties, the red arrow and the air loop - this is a pointer to the start of knitting.

There are two ways to knit such shoes (there are three of them, but the third one is very complicated, and if you are just starting to figure out how to knit booties for beginners, it�s definitely not for you):

  1. Link all the details on the diagram separately, and then stitch them at the end
  2. Follow the knitting scheme, but in each row, remove 1 column at the end and pick up the column in the sole (this will give the opportunity to immediately tie the sock to the booties)

The back of the knit with a set of columns on the perimeter of the entire sole (shown in the second diagram). The top of the backdrop is specially made less by 4 columns to better fit the heel.

The information above should help everyone to understand how to crochet booties. For better perception attached to this article video.

The scheme for those who are very well understood, exercise.


Knitting bootees knitting needles


Now it's time to tell and show how to knit booties with needles.There are many ways to do this (on two knitting needles, on five, in a circle, without seams, etc.), everything is absolutely unrealistic to show, but the basic principles and several examples can be given.

The easiest way to knit shoes for kids on two needles. The number of loops is determined by the volume of the child's ankle. Next, you need to tie several rows with a scarf (they should be enough for the segment from the beginning of the heel to the ankle). Then it is necessary to count half the loops and mark the odd center thread with a colored thread. Then you need to continue to knit garter stitch, but in each row to do two nakida (one before and after the central loop).

The next part is the distance from the end of lifting the foot to the thumb. The required number of rows is determined by applying a mating straight to the foot (this is how you can most accurately determine the desired size). Then you need to make 6 rows with the help of knitted hosiery without loops, where there will be a smooth canvas - this place is the front part of the sock.

It is necessary to continue knitting garter stitch (at the same time to reduce through a row of 4 loops at the beginning, at the end and near the central loop, before and after it).Thus make 8 rows, closing the latter in any way. Next, you need to fold the resulting canvas in half (it should follow the shape of the child�s feet) and sew the side and bottom with a textile stitch (butt).


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