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How to knit: for beginners?

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How to knit: for beginners?

Knitting is not only interesting, but also useful. And even if you have never done this, it is never too late to learn, and our article will help you with that!

First you need to decide what you would like to knit, and then buy the right yarn and knitting needles for your project. If you do not have much experience in knitting, then it is better to try your hand at some small thing with a simple pattern. For the first product perfect scarves, booties, socks, which can be a wonderful gift. When knitting any model, it is important not to forget about preliminary knitting of patterns for more accurate counting on the basis of the density of the web of the amount of yarn.

How to tie a scarf

One of the options for trying your hand at knitting can be a scarf. It seems to be such a simple thing, but how many options can there be! The main thing is to remember when choosing a yarn, so that it is pleasant to the touch. For starters, you can choose some simple pattern.for example, the front surface (i.e., in the front rows we knit all the loops on the front, and in the back rows - all the loops on the back). You can also try to start a kerchief (ie, always always knit all the loops with facial). The finished product can be decorated with brushes or pompon. In addition, they sell a lot of fancy yarns (for example, "Dantela" from the Turkish company Alize, or "Bolero" from the manufacturer Yarn Art), where the pattern is not important, so knit scarves from it is a pleasure. The main thing is that it will take you just a few hours. If you decide that a classic scarf will be your first knitted product, then read the article How to knit a scarf.

How to tie booties

To get started, you need to know the size of the baby's legs. The yarn should not be prickly, it should be easy to wear off, be hypoallergenic and beautiful. Booties can knit on two knitting needles, and then they will be with a seam, or on five knitting needles - seamless. A detailed approximate process of knitting booties on two needles can be found in our article How to tie booties.

How to tie socks

Many lovers of knitting began their passion with knitting socks. They can also be stitched (knit on two knitting needles) or seamless (using five knitting needles).If you want to knit classic socks, then first you need to measure the girth of the shin. Then link the sample and calculate on it the number of loops that you need to dial. Then you must distribute the looped loops into 4 needles and tie a few centimeters with an elastic band, for example, 1x1 (i.e. alternate the front and back loops). Further actions can be found in the article How to knit socks. If you want to knit something original for the legs, read the article How to knit socks with knitting needles.

Whichever option you choose to study, remember that the main thing is not to rush and carefully read the description. This will avoid errors and blooming of the canvas.

Becoming a more experienced knitter, you will want to wipe on larger items: sweaters, sweaters, coats, etc.


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