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How to learn spoken English on the Internet?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
January 16, 2017
How to learn spoken English on the Internet?

To qualitatively learn a foreign language, you need to immerse yourself in the language environment. That is why many people from scratch quickly master a new language, moving to another country. It is not always easy and simple and often causes great stress. Experienced travelers and tourists know that the number of words in your vocabulary, the ability to correctly write, read and understand the grammar is very important. But getting into the living environment of communication, even with all the theoretical knowledge, you can not connect two words. Native speakers speak naturally and quickly; what we memorize in textbooks is for them self-evident. Also affects the psychological discomfort. If you plan to watch foreign cinema in the original, communicate with foreigners, travel a lot abroad or even move there, you cannot do without a high-quality workout of the spoken language!

To make it as natural as possible to integrate into a new conversational environment, you can find a suitable tutor in advance - a Russian-speaking teacher with extensive experience or a native speaker. Natural communication with him via Skype will teach you how to correctly construct conversational phrases, capture and perceive foreign speech by ear, and build dialogues. Unlike regular communication with a foreigner, the tutor will help you to sort out your mistakes, teach and explain how to speak correctly, you will be able to work with him on various topics and conditions of typical conversations, you may have a permanent friend.

Where to find such tutors?

Preply.com is a modern platform for finding suitable tutors in Skype and in cities of Russia. Thanks to her abilities, you can find for yourself a suitable teacher in a foreign language, if not for classes in reality, then just for learning and communicating via Skype. Here you can find a Russian-speaking teacher, and learn English with a native speaker.

The search is very simple on the main page. In the form in the middle, you need to enter the item of interest to you in a special window, and in the neighboring window, specify the city, then click on the "Find" button.You will receive the search results of teachers, connect with suitable ones and study with them new and useful knowledge in a comfortable mode of study. Take a look at the “Tutoring” section: there you can explore the existing offers, and using the advanced filter on the right, narrow the search to the most suitable tutors. Pupils can also register on the site and submit their application. You can either look for a suitable tutor yourself, or draw up your own conditions, and the teacher, based on them, will choose you himself.


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