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How to learn to dance to music?

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How to learn to dance to music?

In childhood we all knew how to dance. This is written in the article How to teach dancing. If you have already forgotten how to dance, you will have to start all over again, but repeating the forgotten is easier than learning again. If your task is to just move to the music at the disco, and not shake the people around you with a waltz-boston or tango, you can practice yourself, at home.

Learning to dance to music

Dancing is universal. This is a way to relieve tension, to receive, as they say, a charge of cheerfulness. Dancing regularly, you can lose weight. Well, and, of course, the original task of the dance - to find a partner, to please him, to tell about his feelings - did not go away either! It remains only to learn this wisdom.

First you need to choose what you want to learn, what dance, in what style. This page will help you Dance, which describes a variety of options. Then you can resort to the methods described in the article How to dance to music, watch videos in YouTube, sign up for courses, hire a coach. Then you will dance to the envy of all.Just consider the tips given in the article How to dance in a disco.

But if you are not going to dance anywhere except discos, you can learn on your own. If you hesitate, you can do it at home, locked up in your room so that no one can see. To do this, you need to have a sound reproducing apparatus, music recordings and, preferably, a large mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror, turn on the music, relax, get rid of everything and start moving to the beat. It doesn’t matter what moves you make. The main thing is that you like it in the mirror. Eliminate movements that you have ugly, leave only successful. Believe me, most discos dance the same way!


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