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How to learn to knit?

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How to learn to knit?

Have you always dreamed of finding a hobby for everyone? Yes, one that would bring not only pleasure, but also tangible benefits. Think about knitting! This exercise not only calms the nerves, develops fine motor skills of hands, develops perseverance and attentiveness, but also allows you to look unique and exclusive. Fans of knitting are well aware that you can literally knit everything, from blankets and blankets to elegant dresses. Your imagination and creative ideas are not limited by anything, which means, if you wish, you can make your own hands and decorations for your home and dress fashionable things for the whole family. But how to learn to knit? This is not at all difficult to do, but patience, attentiveness and free time are required.

First steps

So, how to learn to knit? It is not difficult at all, it is just necessary to master and understand the very principle of creating loops from threads with the help of knitting needles. The Internet can be a good helper for beginners knitting. On its spaces you can find a lot of useful video, how to learn to knit.You need to start from the very beginning: a set of loops, facial and purl loops. In the future, their combination will help create more complex textures and patterns on the knitted fabric.

Here, for example, a small video - a lesson on the set of loops:

If you have learned and coped with this task, go to the next step - and loops. Now you can go to decrease and add loops. This will help you a lot when knitting more serious things that require compliance with the schemes.

Of course, it is much better if there is a person in your environment who is able to give practical advice and show it all in person. But if there is no such teacher, then such lessons can give rise to your skill.

Tips for learning how to knit for beginners

  1. To begin with, try to knit a small pattern with a regular stocking. This is a simple knitting technique in which the rows of facial and purl loops alternate. But do not get involved in samples. This, to put it mildly, is a road to nowhere. Once you have mastered the basics of knitting, immediately begin to knit a simple, but still thing. You can start with a scarf or a wide scarf. There will be a lot of mistakes that will have to be corrected, but, only having achieved the first result, you will understand how knitting can be pleasant and useful.Putting on a handmade scarf, you will be proud to realize that this is your first, but not the last creation.
  2. Choose the right knitting needles. Knitting needles for knitting are many, they differ in the material from which they are made, in size and in structure.
    • By material: metal (steel or aluminum); wooden (mostly bamboo) and plastic. Each has its own advantages and minor flaws. For example, aluminum knitting needles without a Teflon coating are staining your hands and yarn, the steel ones are rather heavy, and the bamboo ones gradually become rough and they touch the threads for them, creating inconveniences when knitting.
    • The size of the needles are classified by the corresponding numbers. For example, №2, №2,5, №3,5. These numbers indicate the diameter of the spokes in millimeters. No. 2 means 2 mm. One rule to keep in mind is that knitting needles should be about twice as thick as the thread from which you knit.
    • The structure of the spokes can be straight and circular. Straight needles are similar to ordinary pointed sticks on one side and retainer on the other end. Circular interconnected transparent plastic fishing line and used for knitting things cylindrical shape or wide things.

    The most important thing when choosing knitting needles is their lightness, smoothness and durability.

  3. Choosing a yarn.Yarn for knitting in our time in stores mass. For any, even the most refined and whimsical taste. It can be natural (wool, silk, cotton), synthetic (acrylic) or mixed. For people who make the first steps in knitting, it is advised that mixed yarn is due to the fact that it does not stretch and does not deform when working. According to the structure, the yarn for beginners should consist of one, a maximum of 2 twisted yarns. This will greatly facilitate the process. You will not interfere with tightening, hooks and related errors in the binding of the web.

If you are determined to learn how to knit - go for it! Properly selected threads and knitting needles will make the process easier and faster. Relax your hands, do not stretch the thread too much, think about the future creation and go! The main thing is not to leave this occupation due to small errors. It is worth preparing for the fact that such errors, especially at the very beginning, will be enough. Even masters with vast experience are not immune from this. But believe me, the pleasure of creating things for yourself or for your home is incomparable with minor misses and setbacks that may arise in the beginning!


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