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How to learn to play drums

Drum set photoA desire to learn how to play drums can appear from any teenager after attending a concert or watching a film about the life of musicians. This desire is commendable. Music lessons are a good thing. But on the other hand there are several negative points, and it would be wrong to not dwell on them at the very beginning of the article.


You should not fall to the floor and beat hysterically, buy the installation and that's it. It does not happen. First, think about whether you have a talent, whether you can write songs ... Also, consider:

  • A good drum kit is not cheap.
  • To achieve the result you need to study for several years. Otherwise, you will just knock and extract sounds, rather than playing drums.
  • Show your skills to relatives, friends or girlfriend is possible only at a concert. Drums with you will not take. This is not a button accordion or a guitar.
  • Rehearsals at home - not a quiet occupation. There may be conflicts not only with their own households, but also with their neighbors, right up to the arrival of law enforcement officers.
  • Lesson tutorials will not be enough to understand how to learn to play the drums. Classes with non-professionals can lead not only to a lack of results, but also to injury. Do not grin, it happens. You should enroll in a music school or hire a qualified tutor.


If you are not afraid of the beginning of the article, and have read this far, then there is a firm intention to play the drums. Now we collect money for installation and are looking for the nearest music school or tutor. Being a good drummer is very cool and tempting. Many music groups need such artists. It is enough to communicate at specialized forums, and you will see the prospects of your future activity.


But this is foreseeable future. In the meantime, let's start learning. The following are two points, how to proceed if there is no possibility to immediately buy a drum kit, and if there is such an opportunity.


How to learn to play the drums, if you can not buy a full installation.



  1. If for some reason there is no possibility to play on a full installation, then you can pay attention to the training pad.You can see the appearance of this device in the photo. This is a kind of simulator. He does not make loud sounds, but you can easily develop such skills as a sense of rhythm or whip. To understand how to learn to play the drums, this is the most suitable option for beginners. The cost of such a pad is relatively small. Depending on the manufacturer, configuration, availability of the rack and sticks, ranges from 30 ... 40 dollars.
  2. If there is no possibility or desire to acquire a pad, then an improvised installation can be assembled from improvised means. To do this, everything that can make sounds when struck. Pieces of plastic, plywood, old car tires. In a word, necessity is the mother of invention. Installation can try to make their own from just like this tool. Many famous musicians started learning how to play the drums.
  3. A good option may be learning to play the drums in a school circle or DC. For beginners, this is the most ideal option. In such groups, there is usually a leader who can teach the basics.
  4. If you can not buy a drum kit in the collection, then you can buy it in parts. In sequence. But it is necessary to do this with an eye to the opportunity to bring everything together.Each drum should be part of the installation.Drum set photo


How to learn to play the drums, if you have the opportunity to purchase a full installation.



  1. In any case, it is worth enrolling in a music school or studying with a tutor. Without the appropriate knowledge to achieve a positive result will not achieve. Even having a good and expensive installation, knowing the specific words, having your own group, without the best knowledge you can become a mediocre self-taught person. Under the guidance of a competent teacher, learn not only to play the drums, but also to sit and move properly behind the drum set. Nache is likely in a few years to become disabled. A non-optimal position of the arms and legs, incorrectly set motor skills, a long stay in a not entirely natural posture and limited movement can contribute to this. These are the paths to the wheelchair.
  2. Take seriously the acquisition of the drum set. You can chat on the forums, read musical literature. It is necessary to obtain a certain theoretical base.The forums will always tell you where it is cheaper to buy a drum kit, which companies should opt for, at what points you should pay special attention.
  3. The cost of a drum set can vary within fairly large limits. But less than 600 ... 700 bucks a good tool can not be. You need to be prepared for such waste. In order to learn how to play the drums, you need to have a decent instrument. It is not purchased for one day. A good drum set will serve faithfully for several years. But it should be clarified, with respect for the instrument.


  1. It is not superfluous to listen to the advice of the seller-consultant in the music store. Even if you have an opinion about the drum set. Any information will not be superfluous. In specialized stores usually work people who know their business. Ask to test the tool that interests you. Both sound and appearance should correspond to the wishes of the future musician. It should pay attention to the fact that such checks were arranged more than once. The condition of the skin or plastic on the drums may not be the best.Ask to replace them. If you buy, then sellers usually do it without any problems. During training, such an operation will have to be carried out independently. It is believed that once a month you need to change the old plastic to a new one.



What we talked about is only a theoretical background. How to play the drums, you will understand only during practical exercises. There are many specialized video tutorials and training sites. But only under the supervision of a specialist can one understand how to play the drums. All Internet video resources can only be helpers, not teachers.


We can advise several such helpers who will help you understand how to learn how to play the drums. Take a look.


Freedrumlessons is a good, informative site. There are video tutorials on playing the drums. Many schools and teaching methods are described.


Drumbum is also an interesting and useful resource. There are also video tutorials for different drumming schools.


Tunadrum is an interesting and clear description of how to properly configure the drums. Yes, this musical instrument, like others, is also tuned.


And finally, watch the video. Drummer name is Rick Allen.What is unusual in his game? The answer to the question after watching the clip.



All answered correctly. He does not have one hand. But even this can not be an obstacle for those who want to learn how to learn to play the drums.


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