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How to learn to skate?

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How to learn to skate?

Roller skating is a very useful way to hang out. This type of physical activity has a positive effect on the state of human health and effectively develops coordination of movements. Nevertheless, no matter how useful roller skating might be in theory, if you are not able to skate properly, except for abrasions and bruises, this kind of rest will not bring you any good. This material will help novice Rollers to curb this vehicle and will answer the question of how to learn to ride roller skates as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Learning to roller skate: stages

The first stage: familiarity with the rollers

Before you start skating itself, it is important to choose suitable videos, in consultation with a specialist. When purchasing or renting these products, you need to pay maximum attention to size. It should correspond to the size of the legs, because otherwise, the rollers will either hang out or, on the contrary, rub the skin.Neither in the first nor in the second case will you get anything good from skating.

The second stage: the first experience

So, you picked up and put the rollers on their feet. Do not immediately jump up and run to conquer Olympus. It is advisable to sit for a few minutes with not tightened fasteners. This is necessary so that the foot warms the shoes and you feel the rollers. After that, you need to tighten all fastenings so that it does not hurt from fixation, but the leg does not hang out. It is necessary to rise from a place slightly having bent forward the case. If you stand up exactly like a stick, the rollers can go back and you will not cope with their control. The first time it is desirable to insure you. If this is not possible, use some handrail or other support that is nearby. The main thing is to start “feeling” the videos and the consequences of your actions.

The third stage: go

Before starting the movement, you need to stretch your legs from the hip to the ankles so that the rollers do not go. Put the shoes together tightly, or place your foot behind so that it is perpendicular to the other foot. It is important to get used to this state. Next, we put the legs side by side, we place one shoe at an angle (toe out), make a forward bend and start moving, as if pushing the floor away from us.In this case, the shoe should be tilted slightly inward to the other foot.

After that, the leg that you were pushing should be returned parallel to the first. Then push the floor with the other leg, at about the same angle. The first shocks should not be strong, as you can get too fast and lose control of the situation. We go by inertia, if the speed drops, we make another push and so on.


There are two main ways to stop on the rollers. The first implies the direction of both socks inside. This method is effective at low speed. Otherwise, an inexperienced roller can fall. If you need emergency braking, you can sit low and stretch your leg forward at a slight angle to the floor. However, this technique is suitable for more experienced scooters.

Where to ride

An important point is also the question of where to learn to ride roller skates. Beginning rollers do not need to visit crowded areas and parks. This is due to the fact that you unconsciously will be ashamed of the fact that you can not ride well. You will feel like everyone is looking at your failures. Such a psychological moment is extremely important.In addition, in crowded places there is a huge chance to “fly into” someone through inexperience and injure yourself and another person. Therefore, choose “lonely” alleys or visit parks in the morning and in the afternoon, when there are traditionally few people there.


To quickly learn how to ride a roller, it is advisable to use the services of an experienced roller. He will be able to show all movements by his own example and will provide support. If you don’t have a familiar roller, you can try to learn how to roller-skate the video just by looking. Fortunately, on the Internet you can find a lot of videos of this orientation. The only thing is that you do not need to watch the demonstrative speeches of professional roller skaters in the first couple. Such tricks you still fail and, in addition to this, self-esteem will fall. Start simple, this is important, and always use protective accessories!


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