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How to lie and not be caught in a lie

We have been taught since childhood - to lie is not good. Everyone agrees: a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. But life makes its own adjustments. Sometimes you can not do without a lie. Let's be honest! Yes, I was cheating. Most of my friends have repeatedly done the same. Yes, and you have not done without it. Only here lies are different. From the most innocent - "this dress suits you so much" and to a very bitter one - "I have not changed you."

Often, we time unconsciously, especially in small things. Sincerely said and do not consider a lie. For example, do not want to bother mom. She is too worried about everything. Why would she know that I didn’t spend the night at home? "Lie for good," we admit. And we calm our conscience.

And yet, in doing so, no matter what the reasons, the main thing is not to be caught in a lie. Below is a series of practical advice on how not to fall for your own lies and preserve the reputation of an honest person.

Board number 1: stop the mental anguish

So, you made a decision to lie. Considered the pros and cons. Evaluated the feasibility of the act.Understand what's at stake. That's it! Stop chewing mental chewing gum. Good bad? Right wrong? Honestly - not fair? Internal agony will be given first.

Every person lies on average four times a day.

Tip number 2: a lie should be as short as possible

State the thought briefly and clearly. Do not go into details. Details, of course, think in advance. Just in case. Suddenly they will start asking uncomfortable questions. BUT! If you do not ask - be silent. A long story with a lot of details will cause superfluous suspicions. And this is no good.

More often they tell a lie of a man - five times a day, women - three

How to lie and not be caught in a lie

Tip number 3: start with lies

Unpleasant things better to do immediately. No need to beat around the bush. They said right away, and you are already free. You can smoothly translate the conversation into another, truthful channel.

The most common reason for cheating is work

Council number 4: pronounce a lie confidently

Speak boldly, clearly and loudly. Do not mumble under the nose, as if they are guilty of something or are accountable to someone. It will not be superfluous to practice in advance. Just say it a few times out loud. So you yourself will believe what you say. Believe you - believe the rest.

The older the person, the better he lies

Tip # 5: Watch the body language

Look in the eyes of the interlocutor. Do not pull clothes, hair. Do not rub your nose and ears. The pose should be as natural as possible.

Making lies and deception by email is easier

How to lie and not be caught in a lie

Tip number 6: remember what you lied to and who

Otherwise, you risk becoming confused in your own testimony. Not only will you look stupid, so also the label of a liar will stick to you. Therefore, too often do not lie. It is better not to lie to close people with whom you live side by side. First, they are close. Secondly, they quickly find something wrong.

We would lie to people less if they weren't so curious.

Tip # 7: Tell the truth more often.

If there is an opportunity to tell the truth - tell me. Lie under extreme circumstances. Remember! A lie is a straw under which the camel's back breaks. And let your life be as little as possible lies. Even the most innocent.


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