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How to lift a girl?

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How to lift a girl?

Women should be worn in their arms. It is difficult to disagree with this statement. If you know how to properly group, maintain balance, using your body as a lever, lift the girl in your arms on the shoulder of even a physically highly developed man.


It is most correct when raising a person to put the forearm of the right hand under the knees, and the forearm of the left hand under the back of the raised. At the same time, her right hand should be slung behind the lifted neck. This allows you to distribute the weight of the girl evenly between the hands and move part of it to the back.

Capture eliminates the possibility of slipping the girl upside down. First, her hand, which is thrown over the neck, will slow down turning. Secondly, in the event of a fall, the “grasping” reflex will inevitably work for her, which does not allow her neck to be released.

Starting position

To bend down, pick up the girl and stand up straight is the best way to break a back. In this case, if it was not possible to calculate the force, you can fall even during straightening.

It would be much safer to sit down slightly (good, girls are usually lower than guys) and take the left leg behind her back. So, the main effort in straightening will have to not on the back, but on the legs. The same maneuver will give stability.

Center of gravity

The average weight of a girl is about 50 kilograms. He, being raised to the height of his chest, is fully capable of turning both of them. Therefore, during lifting and during the transfer, the center of gravity should be transferred to the hips. To do this, just keep the legs slightly bent at the knees.

Fully straightened legs, when circumstances so require (posing for a photo or the look of others), should not be brought together. There you can lose stability and fall even a strong and prepared man.


You should not put the girl on his feet, standing in full growth. The descent will be more comfortable and eliminate the possibility of dislocation, if you push your right leg forward and sit on it. This will allow the girl to gently slide first to the knee, and then stand on her feet.

Some people who experience a sudden transition from a horizontal to a vertical position may feel sharply dizzy or weak. Therefore, you can release the girl’s hand only when it will be completely clear that she is firmly on her feet.

Aesthetic moment

To raise looked easy and beautiful, you must adhere to some rules. It is not necessary to smile at the moment of raising itself, as a twisted and quivering smile (and she will be just that) is an amateur spectacle. Raising a girl in a short skirt should not be too bully up her legs.

If a girl has long hair, you should grip with passing a hand under them, which will allow you not to spoil her hairstyle. Lowering the same girl, you should not strongly press your left hand to her back. This will eliminate the possibility of picking up outer clothing.


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