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How do they live in Russia?

The population of Russia is heterogeneous in composition. It is multinational, socially disunited, has different cultural and spiritual values. The reason for this is both in the economic situation and in the vast territory of the state. A populated area can be divided into several groups that differ in character.

Big cities

In metropolitan areas, people live in the most civilized way. The infrastructure is well established here. The work of specialists is highly paid, and it is much easier to find a job in a specialty than in a province. As for leisure, there are no problems at all: a large number of cinemas, theaters, exhibition halls, restaurants, cafes, discos. Hence, a rather high level of cultural development. Metropolitan education is valued much higher, it is given priority when applying for a job.

However, there are downsides in the life of big cities. Long distances take a lot of time every day. To travel to and from work sometimes takes up to three hours. Calculate how much time a person spends on it per year.Do not forget about the high level of crime: there are a lot of visitors and just luck catchers in megalopolises. Population density and gas contamination create adverse environmental conditions. But perhaps the main problem is housing. Not everyone can afford to buy their own, and eating will empty the wallet almost in half.

Medium and small cities

In smaller cities, the housing situation is better. It is cheaper when renting, and more affordable when buying your own. The situation is worse with work, but it is possible to find it if you set a goal. True, it will not be paid as high as in big cities.

With leisure and infrastructure, too, everything is in order: well-established retail chains, transport, cafes, cinemas. And most importantly, everything is close by, two steps away. Education is no problem. But it will be less appreciated when applying for a job in a specialty.

As for crime and ecology, the first is significantly inferior to the capital, and the second due to the smaller number of cars and all sorts of harmful enterprises more favorable for the lives of citizens.


Of course, in environmental terms, the most prosperous place to live in Russia is the countryside. It is clean air and water.Vegetables and fruits from their beds and orchards, which is not only harmful, but also saves money. Do not forget about the breeding of poultry, rabbits, pigs and cows. When properly formulated, this is a stable additional income for the population. With work in villages and villages is not so good, therefore, subsidiary farming is a good financial tool for most families.

Education is limited to elementary school, and the majority of young people after their graduation leave for a city to study or work. To maintain the rule of law one precinct is usually enough for several nearby villages.

And yet, no matter how attractive life in the village is, Russians need a lot of strength and energy to survive in it. This is a daily hard work on the site, this is the workpiece for the winter, including firewood, since most live in wooden poorly insulated houses. This is a poorly developed infrastructure, when there is nowhere to go and have some fun, and in winter it will be noticed in general: there is no way to leave the yard. Read more about how people live in Russia, also in our article Where to Live in Russia.

All these pros and cons are well known to both ordinary citizens and officials.But the people since ancient times by their nature - an optimist, always hoping for the best. Read more about how to survive in Russia in the article How to Survive in Russia.

Russia and other countries

Compared to other countries, Russia is far from being the best, but not the worst country. The list of countries with the best standard of living is headed by Norway (for several years in a row). According to the UN, Russia occupies only 65th place. In compiling this list, the following are taken into account: average life expectancy, income level of the population, level of health care development and many other factors. For example, Belarus takes the 67th place, Ukraine - 77, Georgia - 97. Some countries are not included in the list, as there is a lack of reliable information about them.

But with the birth rate in Russia, things are good. According to health care organizations, it is now higher than in China or Poland and amounts to 13.3 newborns per thousand people. Russia also attracts immigrants, as a country where you can find work: over the past five years, up to a million people have arrived in the country. Foreign direct investment in Russia amounted to over 3.5% of GDP, which is much more than in other countries.Russia also has a leadership in placing investments abroad. Education in the country also remains high compared with many other countries (about fifty percent of workers have higher education, and the general literacy rate is 99.5%).


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