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How to live in the present?

Many people, sincerely striving for happiness, joy, ease, constantly postpone the solution of complex issues, unpleasant, but necessary conversations, business, and even, paradoxically, getting pleasure from life. Their life is based on the principle: “Today, I will plan everything, and tomorrow I will do what I need and solve the problem / enjoy it.” As a result, every day becomes only a preparation for real life, and that flows away like water through fingers. We offer to talk about how to learn to live in the present, taking from life to the maximum.

3 rules of life in the present day

Rule 1

Do not put off until tomorrow what you could do yesterday. Simply put, use every minute for something concrete — for business, for relaxation, important heart-to-heart talk, self-education, helping a loved one, caring for health, raising children, and so on. Let every moment of your life be full of meaning, value, benefit.

The motivation here is what is close to your heart. For example, the fear of living life in vain - just think, have you done a lot of good and important things in your 15/20/30, etc. years of life? Have you achieved what you dreamed about? Have you solved a painful problem?

Rule 2

Concentrate your attention on the very short-term planning - for today / tomorrow / day after tomorrow / week, nothing more.

Planning for the long term, of course, is very important. However, numerous psychological experiments prove that, thinking about something that needs to be accomplished in the future, a person concentrates more on his own emotions, on the evaluation of those around him. That is, he asks the questions: “How will I feel when I will do it?”, “What will parents / children / colleagues say when they find out that I am doing this?”. Put before the need to do something right now, a person begins to think much more rationally. He has questions: “Where do I start?”, “What do I need for this?”, “How to do it right?”, “What steps should I do to accomplish the task?” And so on.

That is, as you see, only by thinking in the present tense, you get the opportunity to finally move the ill-fated “boulder”, which did not give rest to your soul.

Rule 3

Do not wait for the ideal conditions to start doing something, to get pleasure from life, to find reasons for joy, because ideals simply do not exist.

Constantly there will be some factor that will interfere with the desired, to get the right. This may be a lack of finances, professionalism, conflicts in the family, absence of husband / wife / children, too young / mature age, and so on. Every time you will be among the emotional garbage around you to find the factors that supposedly put sticks in your wheels.

In fact, in order to begin, say, career growth, it is not necessary to be a production genius. And to get the brightest pleasure from the weekend spent, it is not necessary to fly to exotic islands. It can be quite limited to what you have. In the first case, for example, it can be a zeal for success, hard work, perseverance, learning, experience. In the second - a couple of favorite friends, and in their absence just a good movie / book and flavored tea cake.


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