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How to live well?

In order for the world around us to stop appearing to be a test, it is necessary to change the attitude towards difficulties and problems. The one who lives well knows the truth: a person is given exactly as much as he can survive. And also - under a rolling stone, water does not flow. After all, in order to change your own life, you must make an effort to begin to act in this direction. So how to live better? Eliminate the factors that make it difficult to enjoy life.


Unfortunately, our brain is designed to protect us from visible or potential threats, from disappointments and defeats. All these factors may be hiding in something new and unknown. The one who decided to make an important step in his life, will surely turn on a defense mechanism - fear. And what if it does not work, what if it fails? This is our brain doing a disservice - trying to protect us. And it does not matter who you are - an influential and successful businessman or a loser. Absolutely everyone feels fear. The only difference is that a strong person who lives easily and freely, is able to overcome this barrier.And it can be overcome in the only way - by stepping towards fear. And the more often we overcome ourselves in this way, the higher our self-esteem, the better our lives around us. You begin to feel the power of your inner self, you know that you are capable of more, and each time you prove it to yourself.

Wrong thinking

The gray mass - the very people who do not see the colors of the world and do not understand that it is so easy to understand how to live well, begins the denial of those who seem to them to others. After all, it is much easier to start an attack on someone than to try to go through his path and make an effort. Did you have such that at the sight of a beautiful girl, you tried to convince yourself: "She is either stupid or of not serious behavior." At the sight of a successful businessman, tell yourself: "He is a thief!" At the sight of a clever man in his thoughts they called him a bore. After all, admit it!

It was said in you that very dullness, which gave you an absolute majority. And be prepared for the fact that as soon as you begin to talk out loud about how to live well, and then also take some kind of action in front of the crowd, most of your inner circle will start overcoming you with attacks.As a rule, such people loudly laugh at your views, constantly insist that you are engaged in complete nonsense, they may even start harassing you. You will have to regret them - after all, they have no idea how good it is to live in the world! And you - have, and confidently move towards your goal.

Financial dependence

This is another barrier that many expose themselves to be isolated from the good life. In fact, any lack of money is just another difficulty that you have to go through in order to develop certain qualities in yourself, to become better and wiser, in order to understand who your friend is and who your enemy is. We do not understand why we are confronted with specific problems, including financial ones, but they are given to each of us for a reason. The one who fully realizes this, who accepts the situation, and does not begin to protest senselessly, adjusts his life. To live safely without money is difficult and unpleasant. But they will definitely appear as soon as you change your attitude towards their absence.


The rules, thoughts, patterns and frames imposed by someone have not brought any real benefits to anyone.Who said that work is always hard labor, and that you have money, you must sacrifice. Who said that you are required to get an education after school, then go to work, then get a family on time? We no longer remember those who painted this life plan, but continue the generation from generation to live according to this installation.

Down with the frame and stereotypes! Do what brings pleasure, like, what is to your liking. After all, life is actually very unpredictable. It can break at any time, sharply, unexpectedly. And what will be your last thoughts, feelings, desires? What people saw them many years ago, or their own, bright, filled with a real good life? After all, you and only you actually know what kind of life will be good for you.

Low horizons

Remember how Gorky was: born to crawl can not fly. It is so and not otherwise. Stop thinking that you do not have enough strength, courage, effort to make your life truly good. This is not true! Such thoughts are the lot of those who have already doomed themselves to eternal dullness and gloom.

Do not be afraid to try new things, because everything new gives us a lot of positive emotions, unique sensations, joy and happiness.Start small: eat something you have never eaten, put on something you have not worn before, try something that you didn’t have the courage to do before. Take a step towards real adventure! You cannot imagine what colors life will play!

Just do not give your body and spirit to the so-called "substitutes for happiness" - alcohol and narcotic substances. From them, life will not be brighter. On the contrary, when their action passes, the colors of life that surround a person disappear.


Only those who truly love and appreciate themselves are able to understand the reality around him. This is not about blind egoism, but about self-esteem. Learn to love your body, your thoughts, learn to forgive yourself. Only with self-forgiveness does the path to perfecting oneself and the world begin. Life will be better when you love the one who lives this life. Indulge yourself, please. Create events for which it’s really worth living. The more of them will be in your life, the easier it will be to begin to perceive failures and defeats.

Start the day with a pleasant stretching of muscles (a small charge of 5 minutes), start walking to the pool or to the gym, visit a masseur. Any positive emotions will make life better!

Lack of motivation

Motivation is what makes us move forward, excitement that pushes us to strive for a better life. Most often this happens tides. Experts claim that it is often the case in biorhythms that jump throughout the month, forcing the mood to change. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to keep the fighting spirit constantly. Create for yourself some kind of motivational space. For example, the desktop, around which humorous slogans are pasted, phrases of successful and happy people, brief guru's advice on psychology. Fill the house with bright colors that, from the point of view of psychology, evoke positive emotions: orange, green, yellow. All these details will shape your mood.

Start working on all these factors and very soon you will see how well to live in the world.


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