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How to live with the mother-in-law?

Great relationship, long-awaited wedding, official marriage registration and cohabitation. And everything would be fine, but “ce la vie” - your mother-in-law will live with you. How to live with the mother-in-law under one roof? How not to spoil the relationship, and remain valuable in the eyes of her husband, and even the mother-in-law? If it so happens that you came to live in a house with your husband and your mother-in-law will live with you, remember the following points:

  • All my life my mother in law was the mistress in this apartment.
  • Your husband lived according to the rules of life that your mother-in-law established.
  • Husband loves his own mother.
  • Mother got used to attention from her son and more recently, your husband.
  • You are willy-nilly to fight for his attention.

So, how to get on with the mother-in-law, so as not to harm yourself and family relationships?

Some tips

  • Start simple. Pamper your mother-in-law with small gifts and attention. Flowers, sweets, household items fit perfectly. She needs attention, after all, she is an ordinary woman. So that the mother-in-law doesn't feel lonely, spend time with her.Do not pamper her, keep your distance. But do not forget about it.
  • Try to learn the basic habits of living that you can accept. If you walked in slippers in this house, and you can not tolerate slippers, you can give way to avoid conflict. This is not fatal, and in many household things you can find pluses.
  • Instead of listening to her cooking recommendations, buy a recipe book and learn how to make new dishes with her, according to a cookbook. Best of all, buy a book written by a well-known and respected culinary specialist, thanks to which the mother-in-law can follow clear instructions. Doing together what you have not done before, you will get a completely different result of communication.

You can often hear feedback from friends that the mother-in-law interferes with life and does not allow a woman to realize herself as a wife. It should be clearly discussed at the entrance to the house, at the beginning of life together that you are a wife, and now you are an assistant to your husband. The husband can also have a conversation with the mother. All this should be done with love, expressing the positive aspects of change. It is worth reminding the mother that she toosometimeThere was a mother in law.Listen to her, as she believes, will lay out arguments on how to behave with the mother-in-law to the sister-in-law, in her opinion. You, for your part, show respect, love and care for the husband and his mother. The husband will see and appreciate it.

I don't want to live with my mother-in-law! - often say young brides. In this case, you should take care in advance to live separately. It is quite real. Distances will hold your family relationships together, as there will be no domestic issues. Complaints that the mother-in-law interferes with life, not uncommon in our time. If you, for your part, behave perfectly and keep all recommendations, then the only option would be to move. A man and a woman, having created a new family, since biblical times, left mother and father, and left to live separately. The words of the woman: the mother-in-law lives with us, and we are glad of it, cause, at least, surprise and respect. If there are such friends in your environment, listen to them, perhaps their practical advice will help you establish even better relations with the mother-in-law.

The main thing is to learn to love your mother-in-law, because without love nothing will come out. Love is the foundation of good family relationships.As in the relationship with her husband, so with his, and now yours, relatives. Try to take this person into your family and treat each other with respect. In that case, everything will be fine.


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