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How to maintain the battery?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
April 3, 2013
How to maintain the battery?

The actions described in the specialized literature on battery maintenance often scare newcomers of the rally with their scale. In fact, everything is much simpler - experts assure us of this. It turns out that in order for the battery to work smoothly, it is necessary to regularly recharge it in the winter and provide seasonal service in the fall. So how to maintain the battery? For work you will need:

  • areometer (they measure the density of the electrolyte)
  • distilled water
  • voltmeter at 15 Accuracy over 0.1 V
  • Charger
  • Ammeter with a limit of 10 A
  • thermometer (they will measure the temperature of the electrolyte)
  • rheostat (resistance 4 Ohms and power dissipation - from 80 W)

How to use the battery: seasonal maintenance

With its help, check the status of the battery and, if necessary, carry out recovery activities. The most successful time for such a diagnosis is spring and autumn.

  • Remove the battery and flush the housing from the electrolyte.
  • We check the level of electrolyte in banks.Focus on the value above the plates by 10-15 mm. Add distilled water if necessary.
  • We charge the battery completely. After that, we carry out a control training cycle: we give a battery discharge current of 0.1 or 0.05 from the capacitance C until the voltage at the terminals reaches 10.2 V with a current of 0.1 C or 10.5 V (current of 0.05 C). We measure at the beginning and at the end of the discharge the temperature of the electrolyte, as well as the discharge time.

When charging the battery, use the formula: C = Iptp/(1+0.01(25-twed))

  • IpIs the discharge current, A;
  • tp- hour, discharge time;
  • twed- This is the average temperature of the battery during discharge.

In case the capacity obtained is more than 25% different from battery problems. In this case, pay attention to therapeutic measures that are described in the literature. Also check the electrolyte density in the cans with a hydrometer. If between banks the density difference is greater than 0.005 g / cm3, carry out an equalizing charge.

Battery Regulations: Battery Charge

The procedure is necessary precisely in the winter time of the car. The fact is that low temperatures reduce the battery capacity, impair the ability to take charge, and to start a cold engine requires more energy. Depending on the car, charging the battery is carried out both once a month and weekly.

The most convenient way is to use an automatic charger for charging, which independently maintains the required charge mode. In this case, you just have to fulfill the conditions of the instruction manual. But if in the “charging” manual adjustment mode, you have to choose the appropriate one. Necessary for this action are also described in the instructions for use cars.


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