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How to make a camera?

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How to make a camera?

The birth of the first camera falls in the middle of the 17th century. In 1685, Johan Zahn designed and assembled the first camera - the obscura (this was the name of this camera). Obscura had a fairly impressive scale. Its size exceeded human height, and sometimes such a camera occupied an entire room. The followers of Johann Zahn were naturally not satisfied with the result and began to improve the invention. And now our grandfathers and great-grandfathers photographed on such “sensations” of photographic equipment of the time - film SLR cameras Zorky, Kiev, Zenith.

Our generation was lucky at all, because digital cameras with which you can instantly shoot and immediately see the result can be purchased, almost at a newsstand. But such an offer, how to make a camera with your own hands sounds very tempting. It is not surprising that there are still some craftsmen who want to hold in their hands the photos taken by the camera made by hand.A few helpful tips, described below, will help you get an opportunity to show off to your friends about your achievements. So, how to make a camera at home and only from scrap materials?

For the manufacture of a future camera, we need:

  • Matchbox
  • 35mm film
  • plastic bottle or binding spring
  • can
  • empty bachyok from under the photo film

Also for work we need a knife, scissors, black paint, thick electrical tape, pencil and ruler. First you need to apply the markings on the back of the box for the subsequent cutting of the hole (36x24mm). It should be noted that the internal parts of the box should be painted black, but not glossy.

The strip cut from a plastic bottle should be fixed on the film with electrical tape. We do this so that when rewinding a film from one reel to another, a click is characteristic of a film camera. In our camera, the transition to the next frame will mean six clicks.

On the outside of the box, in the center, we cut a hole measuring 8 by 5 mm, after which we adjust the sharpness of the frame.To do this, cut a square plate from an aluminum can of 15 by 15 mm. With the help of a needle, we make a small hole on the plate. We paint in black and fix the box on the outer wall with electrical tape.

An additional part (15 by 8 mm) of one more box is attached to our camera. It is important to make a correct shutter (10 by 30mm) from thick cardboard, which will close the hole on the camera. The film can be rewound using a 5 by 20 mm handle piece, which must be inserted into the right spool of film. Before fixing the entire structure with tape, install the film.

The whole structure should be as carefully as possible protected from the ingress of light inside. To do this, all the joints must be carefully secured with a thick electrical tape. Since it’s quite difficult to make a camera with your own hands without a clear example, the video attached below will help you quickly understand the essence of the matter. Believe me, the effort is worth it!


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