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How to make a chebbi chic easter egg

Chebbi chic can be called one of the shades of vintage style, its “worn gloss” gives things a special magic touch of antiquity. Pastel whitened colors, deliberately frayed and underlined handwork make these things cozy and warm.

Chebbi Easter Egg chic

Chebby Chic easter egg

Our shebby chic Easter egg was made from the shells of a real chicken egg, which was pasted over with a piece of paper towel. A mosaic was placed on the bottom of the product from the same material.

PVA glue copes with this task perfectly.

We designed the egg in the technique of paper art, which can be translated as - paper-plastic, it is very suitable for the style we have chosen. The texture is viewed, there are no clear stamped lines, it is immediately clear that this is a piece and exclusive thing.

The flagella from the napkins are made quite simply, greased with glue, they become plastic and it is not difficult to work with them. Rosettes are an integral feature of the chebbi chic style; for our Easter crafts, we blind them from cold porcelain.

Painted with usual gouache. The main color, of course, white in which added a drop of pink and green.

Dye better brush with hard hairs, so brush strokes are more visible.

We covered our Easter egg with yacht varnish, a light shade of the “old yellowness” to us enough time to fly.

Craquelure can be used, but rather it is ideal for smooth surfaces.

Next, we underlined the relief, just touching the bumps with a brush with silver. At a certain angle, its shade looks like a rub.

For the style of chebbi chic, it is also common to use lace in the decor. Therefore, a crocheted napkin can be an appropriate bed for our Easter egg, or it can be hung up with a lace braid.


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