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How to make a cockerel?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 19, 2013
How to make a cockerel?

Lollipops in the form of various animals are a favorite delicacy of almost all children, and adults often indulge in them, because cockerels remind them of a happy and carefree childhood. Often, roosters can be purchased on the street or in a store, but to be sure of the quality of the product, they should be prepared at home. The main thing is to know how to make a cockerel, and also to buy in a store or ask your friends for iron tins. And if you could not find them, then metal cookie cutters are also suitable.

Find the ingredients

Before you make homemade cockerels you will need to find the following ingredients and utensils in the store:

  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Food colorings
  • Cookie cutters
  • Pot
  • Sticks

Cooking cockerels

  • White sugar should be poured into a small saucepan and water should be poured. The proportion should be about three to one. In other words, for 3 tablespoons of sugar you will need to add 1 spoon of water.
  • Then the water with sugar should be heated over low heat, and to dissolve the sugar faster, the mass should be gently mixed with a wooden spatula. When it begins to turn from white to brown, and you see bubbles on its surface, stop stirring. After the bubbles become large, you need to turn off the fire.
  • Now, quickly, without letting the mass cool down, it is necessary to pour it into molds, smeared with vegetable or butter and leave it all to solidify, after sticking sticks into the candy. If you want to feast on the males quickly, then you can bring the molds with the contents under the stream of cold water, as a rule, after 3-5 minutes the lollipops can be taken out of the molds and enjoy the males. If the bottom molds do not have a bottom, then they need to be laid on the pastry sheet.
  • If you do not have time to pour the mixture, and it is cold, then it can be slightly heated in a microwave or on a small fire.
  • Before you make roosters of different colors, you need during the boiling of the sugar mass to add food coloring to the tip of the knife. You can also dissolve it in water and add to sugar.And if you want your cockerels to be more transparent, you can add a bit of citric acid or a few drops of vinegar to the mass. Now you know how to make roosters from sugar, and your children will be delighted with this delicacy.

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