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How to make a hatch in minecraft?

Sitkova Diana
Sitkova Diana
February 19, 2013
How to make a hatch in minecraft?

Perhaps you, as a player of Minecraft, have repeatedly wondered about how to make a Minecraft hatch - one of the elements of the game that can be used for different purposes. So, the hatch belongs to such type of elements as "blocks", it occupies the space equal to one block. In order to make the hatches, you must have six planks, of which 2 hatches extend at once.

The hatch is a kind of horizontal doors that can be installed to the side of a solid block, and the installation can be done in two ways. The first of these involves the use of the hatch as the bottom of the block. In this case, the hatch will open up. The second option - the hatch is installed in the upper part of the occupied block, opening down. In the first case, the hatch becomes ceiling, and in the second - sex.

Before you make a hatch in Minecraft, you need to know why you need this element in the game and what properties it has. Thus, the hatch is destroyed simultaneously with the unit in which it is installed. The hatch does not burn, does not let the liquid, rain and snow.Light hatches pass. They can be activated with a red stone. After receiving the signal, the hatches open in a vertical position.

Using hatches, you can make drawbridges and traps of various types. Often, hatches are used as a decorative element. For example, as a flip cover for a bar counter, as a lifting table against a wall. If the hatch is in the lowered position, then it is used to arrange flower beds or to create platbands.


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