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How to make a light manicure?

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How to make a light manicure?

The opportunity to regularly visit nail salons is not at all. But meanwhile, every woman always wants to look beautiful. Easy manicure, video lessons with which are abundantly presented on the Internet, attracts the attention of many women. To achieve the same result, it is not necessary to contact the master, you can make a beautiful manicure yourself. After reading our tips, you will learn how to make a light manicure at home.

We make an easy manicure

This procedure is simple. You will need the following nail accessories: nail file (preferably glass, as it does not harm the nail plate), nippers, scissors, cotton pads, towels, nail polish remover, also a container of soapy water, a stick with which you remove the skin around the nails, as well as a brush and a container of soapy water.

So, the easiest manicure we do as follows:

  • remove the old cover with a cotton pad;
  • wash your hands and brush your nails with a brush.Rinse them and towel dry;
  • shape your nails with a nail file;
  • immerse your hands in a bowl of warm water for five minutes;
  • after the cuticle is soft, slide it with a wooden stick;
  • Apply almond oil on hands and nails, then grease hands with cream;
  • when the cream is absorbed, wipe your nails with acetone to remove residues;
  • apply a base (colorless varnish), then a color coating, and fix it all with a special tool.

Manicure with sequins

 Photos of light manicure with sparkles can also be found in large quantities on the expanses of the global web. We will tell you how you can make this beauty at home.

First step. Apply a transparent lacquer base to your nails and wait until it dries.

 The second step. Take more dry glitter and scatter it on a piece of paper to make it convenient to take. The technique here is simple: again cover the nail with clear varnish and again sprinkle with dry glitter. Do not be afraid that the sparkle will be too much. Shake off any excess by tapping your fingernail on the table - the spangles will be poured off, and you can use this excess again.

The third step.At the end, cover the nails with clear varnish to fix the manicure.

Easy manicure can be used for some significant events, as well as everyday. Experiment, add pictures, mix colors, and you will achieve an amazing effect!


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