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How to make a marker?

Marker - an indispensable thing. There are times when he urgently needs a spouse or you. Something is urgently needed, the child needs to circle the pattern in the lesson of labor, and so on. Previously, many thought that the marker can not be done by hand, but it is not. We will tell you how to quickly and accurately make a homemade marker in five minutes while in your apartment. Here is what we need for this:

  • medical or rubber gloves,
  • glue stick,
  • ordinary matches,
  • ink,
  • electrical tape or super glue,
  • candle,
  • stationery knife,
  • ordinary sponge or burlap.

First option

The first thing to do is remove the adhesive core from the tube of glue. After we take a sponge and measure the length and width on it, that is, we cut out the sponge so that it fits without problems inside the tube of glue and has several twisted layers. We cut a small flat rectangle. Then we take a candle. We light it and pour wax into the body. About one tablespoon is enough. When the wax drips into the tube, you slightly tilt the tube so that the wax spreads evenly along the bottom.With this we achieve sealing of the bottom, prevent possible ink flow. As soon as the bottom is sealed, take a knife and start cutting the suitable sponge size along the marked line. Sponge tape twist tightly, it should be tight, and the sponge is not too porous. After we fill the empty tube with a twisted sponge. This can be easily done using a pencil or pen. When this work is done, we take electrical tape or tape and isolate the moving part in the tube. The moving part can also be glued together.

Next step. We pull the sponge out of the tube again, making sure that the sponge fits tightly and fits in size. In an empty niche, we fill the ink, and again carefully lay there a sponge. Ink, about half a tube, it all depends on how tightly you wound the sponge, and how much space is left for the ink. In this operation, you should wear gloves. Or disposable, or denser rubber. This needs to be done, as it is very easy to get dirty. Then you need to wait a bit until the ink is saturated and flow to the open hole. The sponge should protrude from the tube by no more than a couple of centimeters.Then we cap the marker. Remember that you can make a marker for graffiti or a regular marker, it all depends on its refilling.

Second option

We take an empty tube of finger glue, but instead of a sponge, we take sacking. We will cut out the flap of burlap along the length and width of the tube, the flap length is approximately fifteen centimeters. But, it directly depends on the density of the fabric. Then just cut off the excess part of the burlap with scissors. If you want your inscription to be visible for a long time (you may need to write something on the street) you can fill the tube with a bit of bitumen varnish instead of ink. If you refill with ink, make a thin stream in a small hole. It is formed by twisting the burlap. Basically, everything is ready!

So you learned how to make a marker. As for the individual components, the tube of glue you choose the size that suits you, but usually use an average size. And the cap of the tube should close tightly, it is the prevention of weathering. As for refills, you can use regular black ink for cartridges. You can use ink for clothing, ink for fabric.The use of artistic paint is also possible. Of course, you can do the filling for the marker yourself, but it is better to use the options given in this article. We hope that the homemade marker will serve you for a very long time.


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