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How to make a money transfer

A money transfer can be made both within one country and sent money anywhere in the world. To make a transfer you need to carry out the procedure in several steps.
1. You need to come to any bank convenient for you.
2. Submit a document confirming your identity to the bank operator. These documents include:

  • passport;

  • residence;

  • certificate of serviceman;

  • military ID;

  • a document issued during the loss of a passport, temporarily confirming your identity.

3. If you are a non-resident of the country and wish to send a transfer, you must have with you a declaration on the import of currency from abroad.
4. If necessary, you need to have with you a document that confirms the origin of foreign currency.
5. Take the form to transfer money from bank employees.
6. To make a transfer, you must fill out a form in which the following information is provided:

  • country, city, and, if necessary, payment transfer point, in which the recipient can pick up his transfer; amount of transfer, which is filled in both in figures and in words;

  • Full name of the recipient, which are listed in his passport;

  • address of the recipient: street, house, apartment, zip;

  • Full name of the sender of the transfer.

  • In the form you can write a verification question and the answer to it, which is needed if the recipient of the transfer does not have with him a document proving his identity.

  • if the money transfer exceeds $ 500, then the form must indicate the appearance of the recipient of the transfer.

7. It is mandatory to put your signature in a specially designated place of the form you filled out.
8. At the cash desk of your chosen bank, you must make the full amount of the transfer, as well as a fee that is charged for making the transfer.
9. Get help and receipt, indicating that the transfer is made.
10. The operator is obliged to issue a copy of the form you have filled out. A copy of the form must contain a unique number of the translation consisting of ten digits. Without this code, the recipient will not be able to receive their transfer.
11. The final stage of the transfer is the notification of the recipient of the transfer. In this case, the recipient must be informed of the number of the money transfer, as well as the address of the point at which it is gently received.The transfer is paid to the recipient in full, without any commission.
When making a money transfer, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • On the territory of the Russian Federation transfers of funds are made without limiting the amount of transfer.

  • Transfers of Russian rubles, as well as foreign currency can be made in the CIS countries, as well as in foreign countries.

For transfers in the United States there are restrictions: for residents of the Russian Federation can transfer money no more than 5 thousand dollars.


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