MySpace Profile Set Up Tips : How to Make a MySpace Page

How to Make a MySpace Page

It is simple to have a good-looking page on Myspace, a hot online friend community. Here are some instructions, tips, and warnings on how to create a page and fulfill your online experience.


  1. Visit and make an account.As soon as you are at the website, you will see a log-in form at the right. You can create an account by clicking the"SIGN UP!"button under this form.
  2. Hand over a few details about yourself.Myspace will ask for your email, first and last name, password, and other personal information. They are not trying to stalk you, they just want to know more about you. By answering these questions honestly and using your real name and most commonly used email address, you make it a lot easier for people to find you. After all, that's the point of Myspace, isn't it?
  3. Upload a Photo.A profile without a photo is like a sandwich without bread. A photo will be your face on Myspace. Ideally, you should choose a flattering picture of yourself. If this is impossible, feel free to be a bit more creative. For maximum safety, do not use a photo of yourself, but rather one of something you like. For example, you might use a picture of your favourite band (for all you music lovers out there) or a your favorite kind of cat (for all you pet lovers in this world of mysteries and evidential suspense).
  4. Invite some friends.If you would like to invite some friends to make a Myspace as well, you have your opportunity now. But don't worry, you can skip this for now and go back to it later. Just remember, the more friends you have on Myspace, the more enriching your experiences there will be.
  5. To edit your profile, click on "Edit Profile" to the right of your picture.Enter as much or as little information you feel comfortable sharing.
  6. View your profile.You're officially a Myspace citizen and people from all over can now view and judge your life. Everything you ever wanted,right?

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    Can I use the built in camera on my laptop to post a picture?
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    Yes, you can use the built in camera to post a picture.
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  • You can put anything you want in Myspace!
  • Always be yourself. You're amazing the way you are. You don't have to lie about some part of you to make your page the best it can be. Don't add interests you don't have or movies you don't like to your page. You want the friends you make to be friends with you, not an imaginary Myspace identity.
  • You can change the look and appearance of your Myspace by messing around a bit. If you know HTML you can design your own unique look to your page but if you need some inspiration try looking through one of the many resource sites. There are tons of resource sites that focus on different themes, just do a search in Google.


  • Do not post personal information on your site. You don't want sketchy characters showing up at your door.
  • Don't show any inappropriate or revealing photos of yourself, remember that everyone can see what you show.
  • Stay away from people with backgrounds that aren't appropriate. Also, cyber sex and pornographic sites aren't appropriate and will be deleted on the spot. By avoiding these people, it's possible to keep Myspace healthy.

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How to Make a MySpace Page
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Watch How to Make a MySpace Page video

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