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How to make a phonetic analysis?

Athanasius Ratnikov
Athanasius Ratnikov
March 26, 2013
How to make a phonetic analysis?

Phonetic analysis can be called a sound-letter analysis. At its carrying out the analysis of a word is made, its sound structure and syllable structure is characterized. For proper phonetic analysis, it is important to say the word out loud, because this analysis characterizes the sounds of the word, and not the letters.

Phonetics is such a section of linguistics, which is engaged in the study of the exact composition of the word. Learning any language begins with this section. It is phonetics that makes it possible to understand the specific pronunciation of sounds and their combinations.

In EGE tests there is always one or two tasks in phonetics, because a student who graduates from school should know this section.

Phonetic analysis

How to parse a word phonetically? First you need to say it out loud. You should always remember that the literal word may not coincide with the sound. We write the word on a sheet of paper, divide it into syllables and put emphasis.

Now in the column under the word we write out all its letters, and next to them are sounds (sounds are like the letters in the word are heard, as we pronounce them). Then we analyze each sound. Vowel sound can be either percussion or unaccented. With consonant sounds, the situation is different. They can be voiced or deaf, hard or soft, have a pair or be without a pair. In front of each sound through a dash, you must specify its full response by these criteria.

After analyzing the sounds, we count the number of letters and sounds. There are words in which there are more sounds than letters, and vice versa.

From the description it is clear how to make a phonetic analysis, and on the basis of it it is possible to make an analysis scheme. Let's summarize and consider once again how the phonetic analysis of a word looks like:

  • First, write down the word that you need to disassemble. Put emphasis on it and divide it into syllables.
  • Now write down all the letters of the word in the column. Next to them, in square brackets, indicate the sounds that you hear when pronouncing.
  • Characterize each sound. Determine whether it is a vowel or a consonant. For vowel sounds, specify stress / shocklessness.In consonants - paired / unpaired, sonorous / deaf, hard / soft, sonorous or not.
  • At the end, count and write down the number of letters and sounds in a word.

How to make a phonetic analysis, more details can be found here:.


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