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How to make a professional photo?

Everyone wants to have some beautiful photos in their personal photo album. And maybe even hang some of them framed on the wall. Of course, for this you can go to a photo studio, where not only a high-quality photo is taken, but also professional photo processing. But it is much more interesting and more pleasant to look at the photograph, which was made with your own hands. If you have a desire to make professional pictures yourself, then you will need to learn a few simple rules, study the theory and can begin to practice.

Choosing a camera

Some people claim that it�s not necessary to have a good camera to create a good picture. To do this, it is enough to have a camera on a mobile phone, because the main thing is skill, not technology. However, this statement is a bit false. If you want to take really professional photos, then you need to get a good camera. Remember that not a single mobile phone or a �soap box� can do everything that a good SLR camera is capable of. "Mirrors" are of two levels:

  • amateur
  • professional.

Professional have great potential, but their cost is much greater. It is best to start with amateur cameras, then gradually move on to cameras of a higher class. In order to choose the most suitable camera for you, you will have to reread a huge amount of information, look at a few hundred shots, study reviews on the Internet, and also look at the ratings of users of certain camera models.

In addition, the choice of camera depends on the genre of your future photography. If you are thinking about how to take a professional photo, then decide on what external conditions you will be taking pictures of. Some devices are designed specifically for studio shooting, and some - for reportage. It is therefore necessary to carefully and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the various technical characteristics of cameras.

We study the theory

In order to make a professional photo you need to know the theory well. See detailed instructions on how to take a professional photo in Photoshop. Find out what aperture, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, sensitivity, etc.Without a detailed knowledge of these concepts, it is impossible to make a professional photo. The ideal option is not just to learn the theory, but to permanently consolidate it in practice.

Choose the right angle

In order to make it easier to determine the correct angle, one should read a lot of literature on this topic. This issue should be given a lot of attention. Even a very beautiful person can be photographed so that he immediately runs to a plastic surgeon. Also, and vice versa, you can make slender children from quite lush shapes.

Building lighting

Remember one of the main rules - you should never direct a flash or other light directly to your face. In this case, it will look flat and frowned in the picture. It is for this reason that it is better not to use the flashes built into the camera. It is better to purchase an external flash or even a set of pulsed light. Think in advance about where to take a professional photo. Maybe you decide to take photos in nature, and maybe indoors. Shooting with natural light also requires compliance with this rule. No need to become face to the sun.It is best to use the sun as a source of light from behind. Face is better to highlight with a flash or reflector. Some of the most beautiful pictures are obtained in the early morning or in the evening: the sun is not high, due to which the shadows are long and beautiful. Also, in no case should direct light from the sun fall into the lens. Objects that are between the sun and the lens, in this case, will be very dark, and the frame will be illuminated.


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