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How to assemble a sandwich?

November 17, 2014
How to assemble a sandwich?

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How to assemble a sandwich?

To properly assemble a sandwich, you need to take into account a number of important nuances that are presented in this article.

Sandwich panel assembly

  • The installation process begins with a careful study of the construction documentation;
  • Sandwich panels leave in a protective film for a week and a half after installation;
  • We protect the material from the effects of aggressive detergents, cargo, etc .;
  • Raise the panel to the desired height with a vacuum lift;
  • We join the panels strictly at an angle of 180 degrees;
  • We cut strictly horizontally only with a circular or band saw for metal or jigsaw;
  • Fasten the panel with screws;
  • At installation we use either a horizontal, or vertical method.

Such technology can be used in the assembly of the chimney.

Sandwich chimney assembly

  1. We start the assembly by calculating the size of the chimney. To do this, you must correctly determine the cross-section of the pipe and calculate the length.
  2. We fix the sandwich from the fireplace or stove, taking into account all the technical details.
  3. We put the pipes in one another.
  4. We join not only the outer tube, but also the inner tube.To simplify the task, you can release the inner tube 15 cm out.
  5. The resulting joint is reinforced with a galvanized collar and a layer of heat-resistant sealant.
  6. Every 2 meters of the chimney is attached to the wall.
  7. After installation, do not forget to remove the protective film.

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