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How to make a scarecrow?

Since ancient times, people used scarecrows to protect their crops from birds. The main purpose of the scarecrow is to cause fright in overly stubborn birds. The scarecrow needs to be placed closer to the protected areas, and making it with your own hands is a snap.

Scarecrow Guide

To create a scarecrow, you will need the following materials:

  • sticks (one two-meter, and the second meter);
  • straw;
  • old bright clothes;
  • sackcloth;
  • broom, rake or broom;
  • markers;
  • waterproof paints;
  • various accessories (bells, ribbons, buttons, rags, beads).

As you can see, making such a scarecrow will not cost you much. The main thing is that it resembles a human figure.

  1. Two wooden sticks must be fastened with nails or wire crosswise. The body is a two-meter stick, and the arms - meter. Twenty-five centimeters bury in the ground long rail. In proportion fasten short.
  2. We put on the scarecrow the old unnecessary things. Rope tie the sleeves, pants and neck. We stuff these things with straw.Hay or mineral wool can also be used. We tie knit trousers on the belt, and a shirt from the bottom.
  3. For the head, you can sew a round bag in the form of a pillowcase. It is best to use a light fabric. Tightly fill the bag with straw and paint the face. Make your eyes bright and big. You can use waterproof paint or sew dark buttons.
  4. Attach a head to the frame using a wire. You can still wear an old hat on your head. So that it does not fall, smear it with silicone or glue from the inside.
  5. Before you put the scarecrow, you need to make sure that it is not felled by a strong wind and it will be visible from all sides. Dig it into the ground as far as possible. You can put a scarecrow among the beds or in the center of the garden.
  6. To the scarecrow to more effectively cope with their work, you can tie a few bells or cans to it. So it will make sounds, and the birds will cease to fly to the garden.
  7. You can also use laser discs, reflective objects, or parts wrapped in silver foil to increase the scaring effect.
  8. Tie different balls, ribbons and other light objects to the scarecrow.In this way, you will add mobility to the scarecrow.
  9. Attach a broom, rake or broom to the scarecrow.

What are the birds afraid of?

The problem of scaring birds has been around for a long time. In addition to the scarecrow imitating the image of a man, there are many tricks that can cause a sense of danger in birds:

  1. Gas (propane) guns. This is a new, effective and harmless tool for combating wild birds, but it is used only in very large areas.
  2. Loud sound, crackling, noise. For birds, it means a threat. But if the birds live near the city, then they are accustomed to the noise, and most likely they will not react to the loud sound or crackling sound.
  3. Brilliant and moving items. In the wind, they will begin to move and scare the birds off with glare in the form of bright light spots.
  4. Predator birds. You can run over the field of the kite, made and painted in the form of silhouettes of birds of prey.
  5. Blue colour. In nature, it is quite rare, the birds do not have time to get used to it and avoid places where there is such a color.

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