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How to make a shovel in Minecraft?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
January 16, 2013
How to make a shovel in Minecraft?

In a unique, in essence, Minecraft game, you may need a shovel. It can be useful for the extraction of clay, sand, mud, snow or gravel. Of course, such substances can be mined without a shovel, but with it it turns out much faster. Moreover, a shovel is indispensable if you want to collect snowballs. So, if you absolutely need a shovel, then you need to learn how to make a shovel in Minecraft.

So, in order to make a shovel in this game, you need to collect 2 sticks, which will consist of a handle, and some of the above materials: iron, cobble, board, gold, diamond. The strength and speed of working with a shovel will directly depend on the material you choose. The strongest material is diamond, and the weakest is board. Gold is not a very strong material, but it has a high rate of extraction. The spade crafting scheme is no different from crafting any other item.

There is another option, how to make a shovel in Minecraft.Rather, do not even do it, but get it by luck. There is a small chance that a shovel will fall out of the body of a dead zombie, but hope for such a happy occasion, if you really need a shovel, you should not. Therefore, it is better to use the first, classical method, especially since there is absolutely nothing complicated in it.


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