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How to make a talisman?

Under the talisman understand such a thing that will bring its owner happiness and good luck. As a rule, the talisman has a small size, because it must be with the owner always and everywhere. Talk about how to make a talisman.

What could be a talisman

In fact, the talisman is a kind of artificial artifact, it is made only for you, individually. The better the talisman is saturated with your own energy, the better it will work, give you strength in difficult life situations, emphasize your virtues. It is necessary to distinguish the talisman from the amulet. Charm protects, and the talisman attracts good luck to the side of its owner. Best of all, baubles, bracelets, necklaces, rings act as a talisman. These items can always be worn on themselves, without removing. When the talisman completely loses its strength, it will break, or you will lose it. Thus, the talisman decides for itself how much it will serve you.

How to make a talisman with your own hands

If you want to do a talisman with your own hands, which is best, because purchased talismans may not work,then you will need to go to the store and purchase the necessary items. We need all kinds of beads, strings, threads, stones. You can use the material from the finished jewelry. When you come to the jewelry store, calm down, try to tune in a peaceful way and find inner balance. This will allow you to calmly and judiciously choose exactly what you need.

Now you can approach the counter. The aesthetic side of products and their appearance should not interest you. Take the thing in your hand and go deep inside yourself. What did you feel? If your hand is filled with cold, if this product does not warm you, leave it, it does not suit you. When you find the right thing, the hand is filled with warmth, you no longer want to leave this item in the store. You are at the goal. Acquire just such things, they are suitable for you in energy.

Pay attention to the association. What do you most want to attract to your side? Love? Look at the proposed jewelry and decide which of them you associate love feelings and experiences.

When the materials, beads, stones are selected, it's time to start making a talisman.Before you make the talisman yourself, tune in, your thoughts should be sent to a peaceful course, think about what you would like most, saturate the talisman with your positive energy.

If your talisman will consist only of stones, you can entrust the work to the jeweler, he will connect them with silver links and shape them with metal. It is impossible to use gold for making a talisman, it is a weak metal, it is absolutely not suitable for such work. If the stones in the talisman are different, in the center you need to have the largest one. After finishing work on the talisman, leave him alone for a week, let the stones soak in each other's energy and get used to it.

When the talisman is completely made with his own hands, for example, the bracelet woven by you, you can wear it right after the work is finished. Before you make a luck talisman, you must work on yourself and find inner peace.

Often in the role of talisman crocheted bracelets from yarn bracelets and pendants. But best of all, after all, stones are suitable for the role of talismans. For example, amber has a very good energy, it is suitable for absolutely all people.Having made it your talisman, you will immediately feel how warmth and good thoughts fill you. But be careful, some stones have a negative effect on health, before you decide on a stone for a talisman, carefully study its properties.


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