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How to age a tree?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
August 1, 2012
How to age a tree?

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How to age a tree?

An old, worn-out tree that has seen for decades, looks luxurious and is often used as a decorating element. Naturally, aged wood looks very beautiful, but, of course, it is irrational and unreasonable to spend years waiting for a similar effect. Therefore, various artificial ways of aging a tree come to the rescue.

After your wooden product is ready, polished and disassembled into detail, proceed directly to the case. To imitate the old wood will need kravtsovka brush. With its help, soft fibers are removed from the surface of the wood, and the wood takes on a relief look. You can also make the surface grainy and uneven using various tools: a fine drill, coarse sandpaper, an iron brush.

A very crucial point in such work is the toning of the product. To do this, you can use a variety of tinting coating from brown to red shades.This procedure can be carried out both before assembly and after it. The main thing - to carefully rub with a brush tinting agent and to prevent the formation of excess.

Instead of tinting, you can use the stain, it will create a base dark color. After applying it, rinse under running water and sand the surface. If the effect of antiquity is insufficient, you can continue to work on the relief, and then re-cover the tree with wood stain.

It is possible to impart a heterogeneity to a tree using a gas burner. It is necessary to process the product from the side of the finish to light charring. Then the surface is rubbed with a brush or coarse sandpaper. And after that it is necessary to apply one layer of stain or tinting.

After drying, the product is carefully freed from dust and debris and the first coat of varnish is applied. The next day, it is overwritten and another layer of matte varnish is applied on top. There should be three varnish coatings. Before each coating, the product must be sanded and cleaned of dust. A day later, this procedure is repeated again. If you are interested in how to age a tree, the video will tell about it in more detail.As a result of such manipulations, wood takes on a dark, aged appearance.


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