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How to make a wish for the New Year?

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great
July 15, 2011
How to make a wish for the New Year?

Each person has many desires, there are cherished, unrealizable, periodic and permanent. Someone wants something tangible like shoes, someone of abstract great happiness, and someone wants to go to Paris. If you know how to make a wish for the New Year, blowing candles on the cake on your birthday and when you see a shooting star, you will always be ready, and the wish will not be long in coming.

So, every New Year for the chiming clock we have the opportunity to make a wish. This is very symbolic, as with the advent of the New Year, people are more willing to take on the new, set goals and go to their dreams.

We make a wish correctly

What to do to make a wish come true? How to guess it?

In advance correctly formulate your desire. Think of all the ways in which desire can be fulfilled. If there is a loophole in the wording, then there is a chance that the desire will be fulfilled not exactly as you want. Desire should be clear, understandable and specific.The desire to "want to lose weight" is too blurry and will be considered fulfilled, even if you drop a pound. And the desire “that everything with my boyfriend would be all right” will be fulfilled, even if you will be all right separately from each other, although it is clearly a desire to strengthen relations. But to make a wish “I want to go to Paris in August” is much more specific and realistic, and do not forget, making a wish, to think about what can be done to fulfill it now, you may want to make a list of small intermediate goals and objectives, that will lead you to a dream this year.

Make a wish for the New Year

On the question of how to correctly make a wish for the New Year, people's opinions diverge: some consider that it is enough to repeat the desire to beat the bells, others need to focus and imagine their image, others only believe in writing. The most popular option with champagne:

  • You need to act quickly and accurately, you need a paper or napkin, a pen, a lighter and a glass of champagne.
  • Prepare your desire in advance by formulating it correctly.
  • While the chimes are beating, write it down on a small piece of paper or napkin. It is better to take a very small piece so that it burns faster, because you need to keep within 12 beats of the chime.
  • Burn a piece of paper with your desire over a glass of champagne so that the ashes fall into it.
  • Drink champagne with the ashes of your desire.
  • Wait for his performance in the new year.

Remember that any desire is much more likely to be fulfilled if it depends on you. Now you know how to make a wish for the New Year. Take advantage of this and let your dreams come true.


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