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How to make beautiful hands?

A well-groomed woman does not disregard any part of her body. If you are still striving for this ideal, then it will certainly be useful and interesting for you to learn how to make beautiful hands. This is the question we will now consider. Let's talk about how to achieve a beautiful shape of hands, how to care for the skin on your hands and do a manicure.

How to make beautiful hands: exercises

You need to do it with small dumbbells, for a woman fit 2-3 kg dumbbells. each We offer one of the sets of exercises for the hands.

  1. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms lowered. On the inhale, raise both hands up, connect them above your head, hold them for a while and on the exhale, lower them back down. To do 10 times in several approaches.
  2. The starting position is the same. Raise both hands to the side (they should be parallel to the floor) and begin to rotate. First, rotate the hands back and forth, then add the forearms, and at the end, rotate the hands completely alternately in both directions (like a “mill”).
  3. The starting position is the same.Bend your elbows, and then press them to your chest. Then alternately shoot forward with either one foot or the other. At each lunge, throw forward your hand from the opposite side, as if doing a blow. Exercise is performed 10 times for each hand.
  4. Well-known push-ups - a great exercise for the hands. If the muscles are not strong enough yet, you can wring out from the bench or from the wall, but then you must go to the usual method of push-ups. To do 10 times in several approaches.
  5. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms down. Alternately, bend your elbows (first one, then the second) and lift to your chest. Hands should be positioned so that you can see bent fingers. Exercise should be done quickly, in 2-3 sets of 20-30 flexions per arm.
  6. Sit on a comfortable bench or chair so that the legs bent at the knees form a right angle. Take a dumbbell in one hand, slightly bend the arm in the elbow and place it on the thigh of the leg, which is on the same side, just above the knee. Now that your arm has a support, slowly bend your arm with dumbbells and bend it. Repeat the exercise until you get tired, after a rest, repeat. Then train the other hand.
  7. Stand or sit down, your back should be flat.Both arms with dumbbells bend in elbows, lift up. Hands to elbows press to the head, after elbows with dumbbells - place behind the head. Now you need to straighten your arms in elbows, lifting them up above your head. Extend your arms completely, then bend to the starting position. Do the exercise until you get tired, then repeat again.

We have presented you a set of exercises for the hands. He will help make your hands beautiful, strengthen them. It is better to repeat the exercises every other day, that is, to perform them approximately 3 times a week. If your hands are not just weak, but rather full, then you need exercises that will help your hands lose weight. About them you will learn from our other article - How to lose weight in the hands ?.

Hand care and manicure

Of course, there are few well-pumped muscles, we are striving for the ideal, and therefore it is very important to care for the skin of the hands and nails. How to make your hands beautiful?

  • It is a mistake to believe that only facial skin needs caring masks and creams. The skin of the hands also needs nutrition and care, and therefore at least should be a daily hand cream. Choose a cream with softening, nourishing and / or moisturizing effects.A nourishing cream is good to apply at night with a thick layer, a light moisturizer will save your hands from drying during the day. Once a week, clean your skin with a scrub and apply a mask.
  • If your hands grow hair abundantly, then you need to get rid of it. Do not shave your hands! This can provoke the growth of harder, darker and thicker hair, which will look even worse, and you will have to shave often. Use hair removal tools, now you can even find special strips to remove unwanted hair on your hands. Use a similar tool as needed.
  • Many women do not give due attention to the skin on the elbows, and in fact she often suffers from a lack of moisture, so it becomes dry and coarse. Do not forget about these areas of the skin, periodically use a moisturizer for them, sometimes a scrub is also useful for them.

Now let's talk about the manicure. You will find many different tips on this topic in a special section on our website - Manicure and Pedicure. Here we will give more general tips on manicure. So, how to make your hands beautiful with a manicure?

  1. First you need to completely remove the old varnish, this will help the tool for removing varnish.
  2. Then you need to remove or move the cuticle with special tools.
  3. If the nails are very long, and you want short, gently cut off a little less than the length of the nail than you need. This is necessary so that the nail can then be leveled. For cutting nails, use only specially designed nail clippers.
  4. Next, you need to align the nails with a nail file. We recommend that you do not use a metal file, as it is quite hard and can injure your nails. It is better to choose a file with emery chips or glass. After filing the nails hands should be washed.
  5. Now you need to degrease the surface of the nail, so that the applied fresh varnish lasts longer. To do this, you can use nail polish remover. Simply moisten the cotton pad and wipe the nails, even if they have not previously been painted with varnish.
  6. Now you can apply varnish. Varnish is usually applied in 1-2 layers. The number of layers depends on your wishes, but it is not recommended to apply too much, as the varnish will not last long in this case.
  7. After the applied varnish dries, you can top your nails with lacquer fixer. This varnish is used over colored lacquer to fasten it, and also gives a special gloss. If you painted your nails with clear or light varnish in 1 layer, then there is no need for a fixative.
  8. With color lacquer, usually 2-3 days go, then the manicure should be updated. With clear lacquer, if the manicure is not damaged, you can walk longer. If the varnish began to "peel off", it is not necessary to tint the nails. A new and fresh manicure will look much more accurate, so do not take the time and energy on it.

Now you know how to make your hands beautiful and what is needed for that. Do not be lazy, take care of them and remember that beautiful hands make you more attractive!


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