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How to make boards in Minecraft?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 25, 2014
How to make boards in Minecraft?

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How to make boards in Minecraft?

Boards in Minecraft are an indispensable ingredient. With the help of them you can create various objects, build a home and shelter. Let us dwell on how to make boards in Minecraft.

Ways to get boards in the game

The easiest way to get boards is to cut down a tree in the forest. First find it, then go to the tree and hold down the left mouse button. Then it will begin to crumble, and after a few seconds a block of wood will appear in your inventory.

Drag it into the grid of craft (you need to place in the central cell). After that you will have 4 boards. You can use them immediately for one purpose or another.

In one trip to the forest you can cut down several trees. At the same time, to save space, blocks are recommended to be broken into boards immediately prior to their use.

Also, to obtain this material, you can go to the mines.There are very often boards that can be used immediately. They can also be found in the villages. But be careful, as they can be attacked by mobs.

Use of boards

From the found or received boards you can make the following:

  • plates;
  • doors;
  • wicket door;
  • fence;
  • steps;
  • handles to tools;
  • furniture and so on.

Do not forget that the board can be used as fuel. Of course, they produce less energy than coal, but you can cook food on them quickly enough.


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