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How to make crafts out of cones?

Cones can be used in a very interesting way. If you ever asked a question on the similarity: what can be made from cones? So, having learned the answer, they were probably amazed at the possibilities of choice. Absolutely incredible things are made from nondescript spruce storehouses for seeds: unusual toys, festive garlands, stylish home furnishings - everything that is enough imagination. We offer several options for how to make crafts from cones. Depending on the product, you may need both closed bumps and open bumps.

How to make a hedgehog from cones

Required material: cones, plasticine, acorns, pine needles and beads (optional).

  1. We take a cone as a basis for the trunk, and “string” plasticine elements missing for the future beast: a muzzle (you can stick only nose and eyes, but you can make the whole head) and legs. You can add a hedgehog hat from the top of the acorn, make eyes out of beads, put plasticine mushrooms and berries on your back.
  2. We make a hedgehog prickly back of pine needles.To do this, take two or three long needles, fasten them at the base of plasticine ball and attach the design between the bumps of cones. The work is painstaking - you have to build several beams. But the final version will be pleasantly pleased.

Did not know how to make toys from cones? Well, now she is in front of you. There is another version of the hedgehog from the cones.

Required material: one plastic bottle (1.5 liters), an old aluminum bowl, opened cones, two caps from a plastic bottle, glue, a brown paint can, an old plate.

  1. Cut off the upper cone-shaped part of the plastic bottle together with the lid and attach it with hot glue or tape to the side of the upturned bowl. We paint a design from a barrel. Using glue, attach cones on the entire outer surface of the bowl. They will serve as needles for our hedgehog.
  2. We make eyes of two covers (we draw a pupil on a flat part or we glue eyes from a cardboard to the covers). We fix the resulting eyes at the base of the painted bottle. Unusual hedgehog ready! Put it on the plate. Let's decorate the area around the animal with moss or green grass, and attach something edible to the back of the hedgehog - rowan, mushroom, and apple.

Decoration for the interior of cones

For example, by the New Year you can make a garland of cones, Christmas-tree toys and even a Christmas tree. A garland of cones is made like this: we color the cones of the same size in different colors (the combination of yellow, gold, white and dark brown looks impressive) and implant them on a long string. The distance between the cones, about 5-10 cm. Garland is ready!

Christmas toys from cones can be made even easier: let's color the cones in gold or white. Attach a bow or wire to the top. The product can already be hung on the Christmas tree! It looks very beautiful.

Christmas tree of cones: a large sheet of cardboard with a glue twist into a cone (the size of the cardboard depends on the size of the future Christmas tree). Thickly glue the cone with cones so that there are no gaps left. The resulting Christmas tree can be left like this by adding decorations in the form of candies or small Christmas-tree toys, or it can be painted in white or golden color. Looks very unusual and stylish.


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