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How to make money in "Contact"?

Social networks are always a huge crowd of people in the virtual space. This advantage can be used not only for communication, but also for making money.

How to earn in "Contact", read on.

Ways of earning "Vkontakte"

Product / Service Promotion

Placing ads on specialized sites usually costs a lot of money. But no one will take money from you for publishing ads on your own page in your group. You can also attach to the advertising text any number of colorful photos showing the merits of your proposal, video and audio files.

You can post an ad in already-promoted third-party groups. This is not always gratuitous, but it is even more efficient, because usually in such communities there are thousands of people, and many of them will see your ad.

Content management

You can work as a content manager in any group. Freelance exchanges, as well as in the �Vkontakte� one can often find announcements about the vacancy of the content manager.

Among the requirements for the specialist are the following: filling the group with publications, selection and design of illustrations, music and video, maintaining feedback with subscribers and so on. Payment for such work can be very different - from very modest amounts to quite good ones, especially if you consider that you can simultaneously supervise several similar communities.

Publicity advertising

The community, the number of subscribers of which is not less than 20 thousand people, becomes an object of interest for various commercial structures.

If you can create a community and unleash it to such an extent, then after that you will be able to offer advertising on its pages, of course, for money. So, for a public with the number of subscribers in 100 thousand people, you can earn about 100-140 rubles per month per 1 thousand people (depending on the subject of the group). The most profitable are communities with a focus on business and career, women's topics. Less profitable from a financial point of view would be humorous groups.

If you are not interested in advertising, you can focus on creating and promoting groups and then selling them to interested people.

Affiliate Programs

The essence of earnings is that after registering in one or another affiliate program (or in several affiliate programs), you will be given links that will need to be placed on various resources, attracting new clients to the company with which you cooperate. Of course, to links you will need to come up with a text that is clever from a marketing point of view, motivating you to follow them. Publish links to the company's products, to its website and so on. can be both in their groups (they should be promoted), and in strangers.

If a person followed your link and ordered a product / service, then you are paid a percentage of the order amount or some permanent tariff (check this point with the program administrators). Moreover, modern affiliate programs allow you to virtually assign you to customers who have followed your link. This will provide an opportunity to receive income even from their subsequent orders in the partner company.


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